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Ashley Marie Sneed is currently a chef at the Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte*, and has been cooking in restaurants and hotels for over six years. Her culinary talents stem from a passion for food and wine, and her desire to share that with the rest of the world has led her to pursue a career in writing. Her experiences range from dining to cooking to cultural immersions in Europe and Asia and domestic meccas such as New York, L.A. and Chicago. She loves cooking at home for friends and family, indulging at local restaurants, blogging about her culinary adventures and preparing meals for a new and upcoming personal chef company in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ashley is a Ritz-Carlton employee, but not an official company spokesperson. The opinions and positions expressed are her own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Ritz-Carlton, LLC.

Dori Sanders’s Skillet Blackberries And Dumplings

North Carolina Blackberries, Photo by: Ashley Sneed

North Carolina Blackberries (Photo Credit: Ashley Sneed)

After reading an article in Charlotte Magazine about Dori Sanders, I was immediately inspired to try out her featured recipe. Her father was an African-American peach farmer whose Carolina agricultural roots date back almost a century as he bought a stretch of land in 1915 that […]

The Liberty Gastropub

Griddled Chicken Breast, Photo by: Ashley Sneed

Typically, while I spend my time perusing the local publications for food events, new and upcoming restaurants, popular chefs or innovative ingredients, I am secretly waiting for the news of another Charlotte Restaurant Week. For those who are new to the concept: Restaurant Week, or “Queen’s Feast,” is a 10-day (or more) eating extravaganza […]

Cantina 1511 Offers Charlotte’s Best Mexican Food

Tacos Dorados, Photo by: Ashley Sneed

Tacos Dorados, Photo by: Ashley Sneed

Far from Mexican food aficionado, I would like to say that I am an avid fan of the cuisine. I’ve eaten at most of the Mexican establishments around the city, from fast food spots such as Chipotle and Moe’s to the pricier Vida Cantina in the Epicenter […]

Treehouse Vineyards In Monroe, North Carolina

(Photo Credit: Treehouse Vineyards)

(Photo Credit: Treehouse Vineyards)

Perusing North Carolina’s many vineyards can sometimes be monotonous (although I never seem to tire of drinking wine), but these guys have brought something different to the table. Treehouse Vineyards is a small-town winery centered around a 30-foot high tree-house equipped with fans, a double bed, a bathroom with […]

Charlotte Farmer’s Market on Yorkmont Road

photo 4


Lemon cucumbers

‘Tis the season to peruse as many farmer’s markets as possible and indulge in the beautiful produce that local farmer’s offer to the public. From delicate zucchini blossoms to cross-bred lemon cucumbers to Japanese eggplants, many of these markets provide fruits, vegetables, flowers and sweets that aren’t easy to find […]

Cooking Classes In Charlotte

Fried Zucchini Blossoms, Photo by Ashley Sneed

Fried Zucchini Blossoms, Photo by Ashley Sneed

Looking to acquire some culinary knowledge without taking the plunge into culinary school? Maybe you’d like to impress your family with the non-proverbial weeknight dinner? Or maybe it’s your friends who you’d like to astonish with a few fancy hors d’oeuvres? Or maybe you are simply […]

Recreating Charlotte’s Top 5 Best Cocktails At Home


After spending endless amounts of money on expensive cocktails, I made it my personal mission to find the five best cocktails in Charlotte, North Carolina, and recreate them at home. The ingredients that most bars and restaurants use aren’t pricey or hard to find, and the menu usually says exactly what goes into to […]

Summertime Fruit Infused Booze

photo 3

Summer is prime time for you to ditch the pre-made margarita and mojito mix, and flavor your own spirits for a bright, fruity, homemade flavor. Theres nothing better than Vodka, Tequila or Rum that’s infused with your favorite fruit combinations rather than artificial flavoring. This season mangoes are juicy and vibrant, strawberries are […]

Big Daddy’s Burger Bar


Big Daddy’s Burger Bar. This place is a bit more upscale then your typical diner, but still offers the works: thick oversized milkshakes (spiked, if you’d like), decadent desserts (think apple pie and ice cream, chocolate cake, brownies), fried pickles and onion rings, and most importantly, an extensive burger list. This restaurant offers every […]

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