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Ashley Marie Sneed is currently a chef at the Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte*, and has been cooking in restaurants and hotels for over six years. Her culinary talents stem from a passion for food and wine, and her desire to share that with the rest of the world has led her to pursue a career in writing. Her experiences range from dining to cooking to cultural immersions in Europe and Asia and domestic meccas such as New York, L.A. and Chicago. She loves cooking at home for friends and family, indulging at local restaurants, blogging about her culinary adventures and preparing meals for a new and upcoming personal chef company in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ashley is a Ritz-Carlton employee, but not an official company spokesperson. The opinions and positions expressed are her own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Ritz-Carlton, LLC.

The Biltmore’s Pillow Mint: A Recipe For Spiked Hot Chocolate


My absolute favorite drink of this holiday season is spiked hot chocolate. I had this warm concoction while sitting in front of a fireplace at The Biltmore Inn in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. It wasn’t quite snowing yet, but it was definitely cold, and it was definitely cozy. Maybe it was the […]

Yelp’s Big Fat Wrapping Party In Charlotte

Photo Credit: www.stylisheve.com

Heard of Yelp? Of course you have. You’ve probably even used it a few times, maybe even posted some cool pics and comments of that new coffee shop around the corner. If you’re new to the San Francisco-based company, the site compiles user reviews and recommendations of top restaurants, shopping, nightlife, entertainment, services and […]

Martha Stewart’s Eggnog Martini

Photo Credit: www.northernvirginiamag.com

How do you feel about lush, creamy, thick, rich eggnog? Yeah, me too. What about that same eggnog spiked with brandy, dusted with pumpkin pie spice, and poured into an ice cold martini glass? Even better. And I’m telling you, your guests will feel the same way.

Photo Credit: www.northernvirginiamag.com

This drink works […]

Moet And Chandon Champagne Dinner At Blue Restaurant And Bar In Charlotte


The oh-so-classy Blue Restaurant and Bar is offering a five-course champagne dinner for $49.95 per person (what a steal!) on Tuesday, December 6th. For the champagne aficionado, there will a variety of Moet imperials, rosés, California bruts and blancs de noirs. And for the foodie: tuna crudo, jumbo seared scallops, lobster and brioche bread […]

Healthy Holiday Baked Apples In Chai Syrup

photo 2

Photo Credit: Ashley Sneed

This recipe is a quick, easy and healthy (you heard me!) holiday dessert recipe that will make you feel all warm inside. This is even great for any weeknight–yes, dessert on a weeknight!–for after dinner to wow your significant other, the kids or just plain ol’ wow yourself. These […]

Singles In The Kitchen Holiday Edition At The Winding Walk Clubhouse In Concord, NC

Photo Credit: www.jswmediagroup.com

Single and looking to mingle? In the kitchen, that is! Join Chef Jay Jones, Executive Chef of Chateau Noir, LLC and a frequent of the Food Network, for a fun evening of mingling and cooking a holiday meal using the freshest seasonal ingredients around. He also focuses on how to create an exquisite meal […]

Voli Light Vodkas: The New Way To Drink And Stay Slim

Photo Credit: Ashley Sneed

Photo Credit: www.spaweekblog.com

After two years of hard work from mixologists to producers to connoisseurs, Voli Vodka introduces the world to it’s first low calorie vodka. Why is Voli so special? Well, speaking from my own experiences, women are and forever will be weight conscious. It’s something that stays on our minds, from […]

Halloween Vodka Cocktail

photo 1

Photo Credit: Ashley Sneed

Whether you’re busy getting ready for a hot night out on the town, entertaining a group of friends at your own abode or simply laying low for the evening, the spooky decorations, scary movie marathons and all around energy can’t help but get you in the Halloween […]

Healthy Home Market Opens 5th Location In Charlotte

Photo Credit: www.healthyhomemarket.blogspot.com

Do specialty food stores where you can find healthier items with more variety tickle your fancy? If so, join Healthy Home Market on October 29th for its grand opening of their 5th store, located on Galleria Boulevard, near Sardis Road. HHM enthusiasts can be excited about the addition of a new location on this […]

Dilworth/Southend Chili Cook-Off In Charlotte

Photo Credit: McCormick

Photo Credit: McCormick

When the sun goes down and the evening draws near, we can hardly believe that the cold weather has rapidly approached us. The good news? Time to bring on the heat with some wintery favorites like hearty beef stew with red wine, rustic butternut squash soup, pot roast left to […]

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