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Ashley Pierson is the Food and Nutrition Editor for Miss A. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition from Michigan State University, and is following her passion for food after leaving the pharmaceutical industry where she worked as a sales representative for nearly a decade. Ashley loves locally grown food and has great fun coming up with new recipes using these local treasures as the foundation. She lives in Traverse City, MI, voted by Midwest Living magazine as a top 5 foodie town. Ashley lives with her husband, son and daughter near the shores of Lake Michigan.

Caprese On A Stick

caprese skewers

Happy Memorial Day! I am sure many of you are in full grilling mode at this moment. Unless, like myself you were fortunate to be invited somewhere. Then the only dilemma is what food to bring. There are so many from which to chose, but I dare say, this one is a winner. Tomato, […]

Recipe: Golden Beet Risotto With Beet Greens

Beet Risotto

Making a great risotto isn’t all that difficult, but it does require your dedication and patience. The whole process will be worth the 20 minutes you lend to this delicious recipe. A few must have items include, Arborio rice, stock, and a heavy saucepan or skillet.

The Arborio rice is a short grain that […]

Recipe For Quinoa With Cranberry And Spinach

Photo Credit:

This recipe is a wallop of generous flavor and nutrition. I suppose it’s quite an attention grabbing statement when nutrition and flavor come together in the same sentence, but I assure you it is true. Quinoa, the base of this dish, is pronounced ‘KEEN WA,’ and is the most nutritious of all […]

Cinco de Mayo Hot Wings

baked hot wings

(Photo Credit: madeinkitchen.tv)

American culture loves a great underdog story. Guess what, Cinco de Mayo fits this sentiment perfectly. Contrary to the popular belief that Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day, it is actually a historic military success. Cinco de Mayo, which is Spanish for the fifth of May […]

Black Bean, Rice and Corn Tacos Recipe

black bean corn rice taco

Black bean, corn and rice tacos (Photo Credit: flickr.com)

“It won’t amount to a hill of beans.” Or so the saying goes, but let me show you three reasons why trivializing the worth of beans is not called for. This power-house food is great for your budget and full of robust flavor.

First, […]

Ramp Up The Pesto With Ramps, Wild Leeks

Pesto with Wild Ramps

Wild Ramps (Photo Credit: Gourmet.com)

Springtime is the season for many epicurean treasures. Ramps are wild leeks that are native to the Appalachian Mountains. Wild ramps are a favorite of mine, and after you try this simple recipe, it is sure to become one of yours as well.

Using wild ramps to make […]

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