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Alicia Lawrence was born and raised in Alaska, and has traveled around the world seeking adventure. She’s ridden in a dog sled, climbed over the Roman ruins, got lost in Venice, sang on the Swiss Alps, built a house in Mexico, walked over volcanos in Hawaii, and visited more museums then she can count.
Alicia graduated summa cum laude from Liberty University in 2012 with three degrees in public relations, broadcasting, and journalism. She’s volunteered for numerous non-profits, including Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center and Special Olympics Virginia. Her senior year she founded Forty-Eight, a charity film competition that brought together film students to help make promotional videos for local charities.
Alicia is a health enthusiast and writes for numerous blogs in the beauty and health genre. She also won Miss Alaska Sweetheart Sr. in high school and enjoys helping others not only look beautiful on the outside but also find their inner beauty.
After college, Alicia married her best friend and she currently works at a tech company as a content coordinator.

Ski This Winter While Supporting Charities

ski charity

Make the most of this snowy season by hitting the slopes. Whether you ski, snowboard, tube or even snowmobile, there’s no better way to enjoy the snow. To top it all off many ski resorts practice philanthropy, making your time on the slopes even more rewarding. Here are three resorts to visit this winter […]

The Meritage Resort And Spa In Napa Gives Back


Photo by: Meritage Resort and Spa

There’s nothing like booking a soothing spa treatment during your travels and feeling tension slowly melt away as your mind clears and your spirit gets rejuvenated. You may be surprised to learn the majority of spas involved in an industry study were found to either give part […]

San Juan Excursions Whale Watching Tours

Odyssey whale watching

Photo Credit: San Juan Excursions

The San Juan Islands are located about 60 miles north of Seattle, WA, in the Puget Sound. The waters are characteristically very calm and home to orcas, making the spot a great place to see killer whales in their natural habitats.

One family-owned company, known as San Juan […]

The Kangaroo Sanctuary In Alice Springs, Australia

The Kangaroo Sanctuary

(Photo Credit: The Kangaroo Sanctuary)

If you watch BBC2, you might have heard of Brolga, the star of Kangaroo Dundee, and his baby kangaroo rescue centre in Alice Springs, Australia.

Over 25 red kangaroos roam freely within this 90-acre wildlife preserve. Glimpse wildlife in an extraordinary way by taking a guided bus tours […]

Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital In Haddenham, England


(Photo Credit: Tiggywinkles)

Located in Haddenham, a village in England, Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital bills itself as the busiest in the world and has become dedicated to restoring the health of wild animals ranging from deer to hedgehogs. In Britain alone, around 5 million wild birds and animals a year become injured because of […]

The Birch Aquarium In San Diego

Birch Aquarium

At the start of this year, the Blackfish documentary raised many concerns about the ethical concerns of keeping killer whales in captivity. While theme parks like SeaWorld argue the so-called “display industry” is necessary for teaching people about marine life, others believe whales should always be allowed to roam free and that interested persons […]

Travel Globally, Spend Locally

World-class beers served for a good cause at Cause- The PhilanthroPub. Image Credit: Cause Facebook

In America, there’s been a big push towards shopping at local merchants to stimulate the economy, but even if you travel beyond your home base, there are still ways to practice this mindset wherever you go. Let’s look at a few ways to do it while supporting people’s livelihoods and other good causes.

Find […]

Three Ways To Support Charities While Enjoying A Broadway Show


(Photo Credit: studentrush.org)

Going to a Broadway show is an excellent way to indulge in all the glitz and glamour of New York City while enjoying some of the best theatrical talent in the world. If you’re thinking about getting tickets to a Broadway performance during your next jaunt to the Big Apple, […]

Charity Meets Travel: Use Suitcases To Help Others

Photo Credit: Logan's Luggage

For most people, the act of packing a suitcase is a task that’s either exciting or done with a tinge of regret. It’s fun if you are filling suitcases in anticipation of going somewhere new, but often less so if you are coming to the final stages of a trip and realize that the […]

Top 7 Things To Do In Alaska And Make A Difference, Too!

Photo Credit: Alicia Lawrence

Alaska has no shortage of interesting and memorable activities, and there are several ways to support charities while you have a great time. Below you can learn about seven worthwhile diversions, many of which support charitable causes.

Alaska Zipline Adventures

Photo Credit: Alaska Zipline Adventures

Visit Juneau’s Eaglecrest Ski Area to go on […]

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