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Charity Meets: Jennifer Reeves

Jennifer Reeves showing off her jewelry (photo credit: Alex Adams Photography)

Jennifer Reeves showing off her jewelry (photo credit: Alex Adams Photography)

Jewelry designer Jennifer Reeves is all about keeping things natural, and that doesn’t just apply to her designs, but in her every day life as well.

Jennifer believes strongly in not chopping down trees, paying it forward with kindness and embracing the world’s natural and organic materials.

Her jewelry collection, Jennifer Reeves Designs, embodies those items and has been a huge hit with countless Hollywood stars who wear her pieces at red carpet events or while just enjoying lunch at a cafe.

We were lucky enough to speak to Jennifer who is originally from Australia but now lives in Salt Lake City to find out more…

Instagram: @jreevesdesigns

Why is giving back is important to you? We live in a ‘give & take’ society, we should never take anything for granted.  ‘Giving’ is part of my live, when I give I feel good that I give something back to the society.

How has giving back helped you? It has helped me to comprehend that we all need one another, and it also has helped me to appreciate what I work for and what I believe in.

How do you incorporate giving back into your life and your work?

I give to various charity organizations from time to time, I have helped strangers whom I happened to cross path with in life and needed help. Two charities I am most passionate about, and give to the most are the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and the American Cancer Society.

I have also done lots of charity events with my jewelry line, and ensure with these events that a part of sales go to the selected charity groups involved. Also, in Salt Lake City we have a lot of homeless people, so when the opportunity arises I like to help them in any way I can.

Favorite food: Dark chocolate with almond, it’s hard to control to eat just small portion for me!  But I believe dark chocolate and almonds are good for you, so can’t go wrong right?!

Favorite cocktail: Well, it has to be Pina Colada.
Models sporting Jennifer Reeves Designs (photo credit: jreevesdesigns.com)

Models sporting Jennifer Reeves Designs (photo credit: jreevesdesigns.com)

Favorite restaurant: 
Too many, but in my city, Salt Lake city, it is ‘The Copper Onion’.  It is on Broadway Street (300 south), if you are in Salt Lake, you got to go there, the food is delicious and with great quality.

If you could host a dinner party, who would you invite living or dead? 
My dad. He passed away a couple of years ago, I miss him every day!  He was my hero and my rock.

Favorite vacation spot: 
Oh, so many!  Well, we have 5 most beautiful national parks in Utah, one of my favorites is Zone National Park.  It is absolutely incredible, go visit if you get a chance!

Favorite TV show: The Black List.

Favorite movie: Wow, a lot, I love going to movies.  I have to say my favorite is ‘Gladiator’, our Aussie actor ‘Russell Crowe’ was the main actor, he was so great in this movie!

Celebrity crush: 
Pierce Brosnan

Favorite song: 
‘Diamonds’ by Rihanna
Favorite book: ‘The Blue zones’ by Dan Buettner
Favorite animal: Cat, they are so cuddly and also fun to play with.
What experience in your life are you most proud of? 
To be a mum of the two most wonderful children.


Actress Kate Linder wearing Jennifer’s jewelry at the 2015 Daytime Emmy Awards in Hollywood (photo credit: Getty Images)

How has moving to the United States from Australia changed your life? Yes, definitely. My perception of the world is so much wider and it gave me the most precious experience to explore the business world.

What advice would you share with those looking at getting into the jewelry & fashion industry? 
If you have the talent, bring it out, let it shine.  Follow your passion and dream!  I love being part of jewelry and fashion industry, you meet so many great and talented people on the journey.
What do you love most about designing? 
To create something beautiful from a big pile of mess (my gemstones on my work station), and get great review for my work.
What piece in your collection are you most proud of? 
It was one of my signature pieces, a necklace made from Lapis Lazuli, sterling silver and centered with an Australian Boulder Opal pendant.
What one thing would you change in this world if you could? 
Stop logging, we as human race are losing so much forest in all part of the world.  We need trees and forests to survive!

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