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Interview With Austin’s Anisha Srivastava Of Daana « Miss A® | Charity Meets™ Style.
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 Miss A Columnist

Meera Rajagopalan is the Austin Editor for Miss A. A proud Longhorn, Meera earned her journalism degree from UT. Some of her hobbies include event planning, writing and baking. She loves trying new recipes and experimenting with food. Her latest creation was Pistachio Fudge. A tech nerd at heart, Meera loves cool iPhone apps and geeking out with friends about social media trends. Aside from the tech stuff, Meera also enjoys discovering new fonts. There’s something about finding the perfect font to help enhance titles. Besides her hobbies, Meera loves free stuff. So far besides tons of samples, she’s won concert tickets, movie passes (compliments of Do512) and a cooking class.

Interview With Austin’s Anisha Srivastava Of Daana

Inspired by a friend’s painting of a Hamsa, Anisha Srivastava took the painting, put it on a one-shoulder t-shirt. And so her Shakti collection and daana were born. It’s not just about creating beautiful pieces though. Anisha created daana provide two tools that would simplify philanthropic engagement: financial support and advocacy. For each collection, daana selects a non-profit that is driving change, and then  each collection gives back 25 percent of its profits to the respective cause.

(Photo Credit: Daana)

(Photo Credit: Daana)

In October 2014, Anisha officially launched her first collection.  Along with the shirt, the collection includes Elephant Double Wrap Necklace, the Red Agate Buddha Necklace, and the Lotus Choker, just to name a few. Through the creative process, and sourcing local artists for the pieces, each collection is able to “capture the spirit  of the cause.” The Shakti collection goes towards Austin’s Saint Louise House, which empowers homeless women with children in Austin. The Shakti collection captures the spirit of the cause because “the lotus flower symbolizes female strength + power. just as a lotus floats atop the water, these women rise above their past experiences.”

(Photo Credit: Daana)

(Photo Credit: Daana)

Proceeds from  other collection, the Vidya, goes to The Right Now Foundation, an England based non-profit that supports 750 children born HIV positive in 20 different homes and projects across India.

An entrepreneur at heart, Anisha knew she always wanted to start her own business. Her goal is to reach six collections, that way she can give back to six different causes. She also hopes to be in expand to retail stores and other campuses.

While there are no fundraising event at the moment, Anisha hopes to start planning concert series. By having artists and creatives that are local to Austin, specifically UT-Austin students, it’s easy for her to help spread the word about the items organically.

She is waiting to have her “TOMS moment.” That day where she compliments someone where one of her pieces, and not only do they thank her, but they passionately tell her the story behind the pieces.

In her own words, “My vision with daana is to simply cultivate the generous spirit that is already present in this generation and provide a refreshing approach to philanthropy.”




(Photo Credit: Daana)

(Photo Credit: Daana)

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