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Ashley C. Jones is the Entertainment Editor for Miss A. She is a writer, and soon to be entrepreneur (stay tuned). She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication Arts and also minored in International Studies at St. John’s University in NY. The minor was stumbled upon thanks to a semester in various countries, which sort of qualifies her as well traveled.

A native to nowhere, Ashley has spent most of her life living in either Houston, TX or Illinois suburbs. She now lives in NY. While further honing her writing skills in her last year of University education, and after, she found her niche in doing interviews, a great fit, because of a natural obsession with docu-dramas, magazine interviews, and documentaries, starting at an extremely young age.

Some of Ashley’s favorite charities include Vitamin Angels, The ASPCA, and Alzheimer’s Association. She’s extremely awkward in front of a camera, has an artistic temperament despite not really being an artist (yet), and is passionate about organic produce, vintage thrifting, art, music, yoga, and lots of other things!

Summer Music Festivals That Give Back


I haven’t been made … aware of many philanthropic festivals, but I would definitely include that factor in when purchasing tickets, although the artists playing at the festivals account for a bit more, as bad of a person as it makes me seem. – Val, Recent College Graduate

Music may not be experienced the same way universally, but music as an experience is a universal constant. A true testament to this is the growing popularity of music festivals and the emergence of new and old lifestyle choices that have come from it. Music festivals embody a spirit of youth and positive forward thinking, and so it makes sense that people would wonder what these increasingly prominent events are doing to help others and the world around us, aside from creating new happy spaces where creation and expression rule, if only for a span of several days.

Warm-Up 2014 crowd, Musician Skrillex & Museum Director Klaus Biesenbach, Srillex and Warm0Up volunteers Boram (left) and Ashley Jones (right) (Photo Source: Left to Right - Klaus Biesenbach via Instagram, Ashley Jones via Instagram)

Warm-Up 2014 crowd, Musician Skrillex & Museum Director Klaus Biesenbach, Srillex and Warm-Up volunteers Boram (left) and Ashley Jones (right) (Photo Source: Left to Right – Klaus Biesenbach via Instagram, Ashley Jones via Instagram)

Popular Austin based festival SXSW, which was covered extensively here on Miss A, and California based Coachella, which you may be surprised to learn benefits several charities including: California Care ForceThe Coachella Valley Community Trust, The Indio Teen Center, The Indio Senior Center, Silverlake Conservatory of Music, The Painted Turtle, Dessert SOS, and Global Inheritance  with a portion of the ticket proceeds, have come and gone. However, festival season is far from over. Still to come are Chicago based Lollapaloozawhich has partnered with various charities since it began in 1991, including Food Policy Action, Oxfam, and rare blood disorder LCH research charity Syd Rocks, and Lollapalooza Brazil. Performing arts and popular New York club acts will come together in June for New York contemporary arts museum MoMA PS1‘s largest fundraising event Warm-Up, a summer concert series that is becoming more and more the can’t miss party of the season each summer, and also offers outreach to young creatives and innovative builders through its Young Architect Program, or YAP as it is commonly known around the museum. Sea bound cruise ship festival Holy Ship holds charity auctions and a donation drive as a couple of ways to acknowledge the needs of others and the environment that we can all help to fulfill. There is also Austin City Limits in October; partnering with charities and non-profits like The Nature Conservancy, and the mental health and addiction recovery service provider the SIMS foundation.

It’s a social gathering and a coming together with one thing in common….having a good time… –Sharon, Wife & Mother

There are other popular music festivals in the states and abroad that pander to the EDC crowd, and those who want to be a part of it, as well as other festivals of various genre focuses operating in hopes of becoming the next big thing on the festival circuit that lasts from early spring until fall. One such festival is Thrival, a newer Pittsburgh based festival with the support of nonprofits and local entrepreneurship as top priorities, which has featured such headliners as Talib Kwali, Moby, and Motion City Soundtrack.

The music festival is a versatile thing. Visual arts, food, and film also get a moment in the sun at most of the festivals that typically experience high attendance points. It could be argued that film festivals are the next great frontier for festival goers looking to spend big bucks on tickets and special passes, and celebrities looking to get in on the next big annual pilgrimage worthy social and networking scene. By the time you read this, Parks & Rec star Retta along with activist, actress, and executive producer Eva Longoria will have appeared on a panel at the NYC based film festival to talk activism and sports with ESPN reporter Chris Connelly. Will the music festival affiliated empathy for the support of charities and non-profits impact the way things are done at popular film fests like TriBeCa? Are you readers familiar with this happening already? Of course, this is one social trend that we at Miss A can really rally behind.

Zoe Kravits at the 10th annual Chanel TriBeCa Film Festival Dinner (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


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