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Charity Meets: Cara Hotz

Cara Hotz (Photo courtesy of Bettie Bomb, Inc. Public Relations)

Cara Hotz (Photo courtesy of Bettie Bomb, Inc. Public Relations)

Cara Hotz spent two decades of her life in brand strategy and graphic design. Several of those years, heading her own design firm. Like many people, she approached a point in her career where she felt the need for change. She says that style is an evolution of her lifelong love of design and is inspired by the way it can improve people’s lives. Hotz knew that she could be doing more.

After long consideration, she decided to change her focus from helping companies with brand identity to helping individuals directly “to create a personal style that resonates with who they really are.” Hotz launched Cara Hotz Style last year.

Hotz explains,”[Cara Hotz Style] is not about shopping trips or getting the latest handbag, but about tapping in to what makes you, you… and cultivating your personal style across all the spheres of your life, in your wardrobe, in the spaces where you live, and in your interactions with other people.”

Hotz developed her philosophy and style programs to empower women to have the confidence to make style choices that truly resonate with them. She also takes that same mission of empowering women through her company’s partnership with the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE).


(Photo credit: www.facebook.com)

CAASE addresses the culture, institutions, and individuals that perpetrate, profit from, or support sexual exploitation. To carry out their mission, CAASE: seeks legal repercussions on behalf of survivors against perpetrators of sexual harm; advocates for policies and legislation that hold sexual exploiters accountable; creates and implements prevention initiatives, including the provision of safe spaces for survivors to give testimony about their experiences; and, develops resources that empower individuals and communities to stand with victims of sexual harm and take powerful actions against sexual exploiters. More concisely, the organization’s focus is on four main areas: prevention, policy reform, community engagement, and legal services.

“My introduction to CAASE came when a good friend ran in its Race for CAASE event, and I was one of her run sponsors.,” says Hotz. “When I launched Cara Hotz Style last year, I wanted to build-in a way to invest in our community, especially women, since our clients are women, and we are also a 100% woman-owned company.”

Hotz then reached out to Kaethe Morris Hoffer, CAASE’s Executive Director. She learned more about the work that the organization does. “It seemed like a natural fit.”

“To me, the number-one value that Cara Hotz Style and CAASE shares is that we both care about people and their inherent value as human beings. Humans, and therefore women, are not commodities; they are not objects. Every woman deserves the opportunity to be empowered and seek the full realization of her potential, or her true self. Women who are subjected to sexual exploitation are being robbed of that opportunity, and CAASE works to free them from being controlled by sexual assault and the commercial sex trade.”

One percent of Cara Hotz Style profits goes to CAASE. Cara Hotz Style will also be participating in Race for the CAASE this year.

To learn more about Cara Hotz Style, visit www.carahotz.com.

For more information about CAASE, visit http://caase.org.

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