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Spandana Singh is the San Francisco Editor and Tech Editor for Miss A. Better known as Spandi, she is a junior at UC Berkeley with an avid passion for foreign affairs and journalism. Originally from India, she has so far lived in countries like Kenya, Italy, Ethiopia, the United States and Indonesia and looks forward to living in many more.

Spandi is pursuing a double major in International Development and Media and a minor in Global Poverty and Practice. She loves to play the piano, box, travel, explore new cultures (especially their cuisines), and spend time with her friends. By the time she is 30 she wants to have lived in every habitable continent in the world.

Business Spotlight: Altruist

Jared Janes

Jared Janes

Business or Brand Name: Altruist

Website: www.joinAltruist.com

Twitter Handle: @joinAltruist & @jaredjanes

Facebook Page: facebook.com/joinAltruist

Pinterest: pinterest.com/joinAltruist

Instagram: @joinAltruist

Google +: google.com/+joinAltruist

Could you describe your business or brand? Altruist is a community dedicated to leveraging technology to make philanthropy accessible for everyone. Members give just $1 each month to a new, hand-picked nonprofit, and 100% of donations are given directly to the charity.

Where is the business or brand based? It is Denver based but our Members come from all over the globe.

What sets the business or brand apart? Traditional philanthropy has mostly been accessible to the rich and focuses on single sectors of giving. Altruist doesn’t care if you’re a billionaire or a starving college student we are uniting anyone who wants to make a difference, and we make sure to spread our contributions out to the best Nonprofits around the world.

When and who founded the business or brand? Altruist is currently completely funded by me (Jared) and as it grows we will ask for more help from our Partners. Our Partners commit to donating a $1 for each sale of select items in addition to helping us cover our operating costs.

What achievements is the business or brand most proud of? We recently got our 100th Member and crossed 1000 individual donations since our launch in late 2013. Both of these milestones were huge accomplishments for us and have been goals since the beginning.

Which nonprofits does the business or brand support? Each month we feature a new hand-picked nonprofit using our Smart Giving philosophy. Smart Giving is about investing in the most effective organizations across many sectors to reduce as much suffering as possible. More details on Smart Giving can be found on our homepage.

How do these causes relate to the business or brand? Each organization is put through a thorough screening process and contacted to make sure that we don’t have any conflicting values.

What cause marketing products or services does the business or brand sell? We currently have 4 Partners that have committed to making donations for each sale of their good/services. Our most popular items have been t-shirts & photo books. These items can be found on our site or our Pinterest account.

What percentage of revenue received goes toward helping others? Altruist never takes any percentage of donations, there are small transaction fees from PayPal, but 100% of the donations we receive are given directly to our nonprofits.

What annual fundraising events do you participate in? In December instead of choosing a new Nonprofit for the month we ask our Members to vote for their favorite featured organization of the year. The winner of this vote receives our December donations and we also encourage our members to give what they can directly to the Nonprofits that stand out for them.

How can people get involved with your business or brand in giving back? The best way to support us is to become a member, the more we grow the bigger our impact. The membership is run through a PayPal subscription and is only $1/month and can be canceled at any time. The next best thing would be to follow us on social media, and tell people about all the cool things we are doing at Altruist.


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