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Austin City Limits 2014: Interview with Austin’s Dawn and Hawkes

Austin City Limits is one of the biggest music festivals that features more than 130 artists across varying genres during the three-day festival. One of the best things to see during the weekend are Austin artists on stage. Austin-based duo Dawn and Hawkes will be one of these artists.

Within a month of performing at the Kerrville Folk Festival, Miranda Dawn and Chris Hawkes recorded and released their first EP, Golden Heart, that featured “signature harmonies and an indie-folk sound influenced by Americana, country-rock, and classic Beatlesque-pop.” They were also on the last season of The Voice, and have played numerous gigs around town and the country.

(Photo Credit: Threadgills)

(Photo Credit: Threadgills)

Q. First off, congrats on making it on The Voice. I know that that is an accomplishment in itself. What was that whole experience like?

A. We don’t catch a lot of TV and were honestly surprised that their show included duos. It felt encouraging and surreal to be invited to show our dynamic together on such a huge platform. We were hesitant for a while before auditioning but little serendipitous things, like the LA callback lining up with our West Coast tour, encouraged us. We walked away grateful for trip together and for all of the relationships with the show’s other artists and new fans who’ve found something meaningful in our music.

Q. How do you incorporate giving back into your life?

A. M: Toni Price once told me that people have forgotten how to feel and so it’s our job as artists to remind them. I like to think of that as my mission statement. I try to give myself fully in every song and every performance to every person I perform for.

C: It’s great to be in a community of openness and sharing that Austin’s musical community values. Every time a listener connects with someone’s song, it’s like medicine. If that artist didn’t share we’d be missing something important. Miranda is such a supporter of artists expression, not just her own. I was drawn to her love for songwriting in general.

M: I like to encouraging writers to follow their creative yearning and explore wherever it may lead them. We love hosting songwriting workshops for kiddos and I also run songwriterweekly.com, a virtual writer community centered around showcasing and inspiring songwriters to write, record, and share songs weekly.

Q.  What are some charities you hold near and dear to you? Why?

A. Austin is really unique in the supportive programs it has available for musicians. HAAM and the SIMS Foundation are amazing and have helped support so many local musicians by making sure we have access to health practitioners and services. We’re forever grateful that these organizations exist.

C: I felt enriched volunteering at an organization called mission Arlington, where I grew up, and it taught me a lot about giving and respecting dignity. We’ve also had some great opportunities to play and host food drives here in Austin.

M: Other organizations I love are GENaustin, Latinitas, Big Brother Big Sister. These organizations provide mentors and programs that help young people follow their dreams, trust their intuition, and learn their own resourcefulness.

(Photo Credit: Dawn and Hawkes)

(Photo Credit: Dawn and Hawkes)

Q. What are you looking forward to the most about performing at ACL?

A. We’re really looking forward to seeing some of favorite artists who are performing the same day as us and the other days too.

Q.  Being an “Austin” band, what advice do each of you have for aspiring Austin musicians who have dreams of performing at ACL one day?

A. M: I absolutely adore ALL of the Austin artists included in this years line up and feel super honored to be included in that list. I’m proud of everyone of my hometown friends who are just killing it out there and representing Austin music well! We’re all working hard and playing hard…and staying a little weird. That’d about be my only advice: work hard, play hard, and represent Austin well by staying a little weird.

C: Haha! It’s a true sentiment – be encouraged to be yourself. It’s guaranteed to be unique and someone may need to hear what you’re writing, singing and playing.

Be sure to catch Dawn and Hawkes during the first weekend of ACL. Tickets are still available.


October 3-5, 2014 from 11 a.m. -10 p.m.
October 10-12, 2014 from 11 a.m. -10 p.m.


Zilker Park
2301 Barton Springs Rd
Austin, TX 78746

TICKETS: Starting at $90. Day passes are still available for Friday and Sunday for both weekends. VIP and Platinum passes are also available. Please click here to purchase tickets.

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