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Recap: Kiehl’s 5th Annual LifeRide For amfAR Stops In Chicago


LifeRider getting ready to ride off to the next stop. (Photo Credit: Colleen McNicholas)

On Monday August 4, 2014 Kiehl’s hosted LifeRide for amfAR at their store in downtown Chicago. This year was the fifth anniversary of the event. LifeRide is a twelve-day motorcycle ride to help raise money for HIV/AIDS research. The route started in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and ended in New York City.

At 12:00 p.m. a large group of motorcyclists made quite the entrance pulling up in front of the Kiehl’s Since 1851’s shop. It was most definitely a head turner for those passing by the store. Celebrity bike riders including: Gilles Marini, Ben Cohen, Malcolm-Jamal Warner and more were in attendance to show their support.

Malcolm-Jamar Warner was kind enough to speak with me about the LifeRide and his passion towards finding a cure for HIV and AIDS. He said that he has been involved with AIDS awareness for quite some time. He directed a video called, “Time Out: The Truth About HIV, AIDS, and You” shortly after it was announced that Magic Johnson was HIV positive back in 1992. Malcom-Jamal Warner is a Harley-Davidson rider so he was more than happy to get involved and combine his two passions when he was given the opportunity to be a part of LifeRide.

I also had the pleasure of speaking with Chris Salgardo, President of Kiehl’s USA

Malcolm-Jamar Warner (Photo Credit: Colleen McNicholas)

When talking to Chris about his feelings towards bringing LifeRide to Chicago, his response was quite positive: “It is such an important stop for me because I haven’t been here before and part of my mission with LifeRide is to expose different parts of the country to the message of amfAR. There’s something about being able to do it on a bike, to be in a store, to talk to people. You just can’t get that experience by doing it on the radio or doing it on television and I love Chicago! I think Chicago has done a really good job with their AIDS organizations and fundraising so I’m proud to be here and I really wanted to bring LifeRide here, it’s kind of like a dream for me.”

Guests were not only greeted by the philanthropic celebs, but given a 15% discount at the store along with a complimentary 20-minute hand massage or facial along with refreshments and treats.

Celebrations took place at six retail stores along the LifeRide route. The LifeRiders raised $1,025,000 for AmfAR. Over the past five years the LifeRiders have traveled more than 15,000 miles to support this great cause.

Kiehl’s is currently selling a limited edition hand moisturizer, Limited Edition Ultimate Strength Hand Salve to benefit amfAR.







The LifeRiders (Photo Credit: Colleen McNicholas)

Kiehl’s Since 1851 employee pampering guests (Photo Credit: Colleen McNicholas)


Kiehl’s Since 1851- Limited Edition Ultimate Strength Hand Salve hand moisturizer. (Photo Credit: Colleen McNicholas)


Gilles Marini (Photo Credit: Colleen McNicholas)


LifeRide supporter and Ben Cohen, World Cup Rugby Champion (Photo Credit: Colleen McNicholas)


LifeRiders riding off to their next stop (Photo Credit: Colleen McNicholas)


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