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6th Annual Wanderlust Yoga Festival To Benefit Trees, Water And People

If you’re a wanderlust say “aye”. . . AYE! Go ahead, sling your mat over your shoulder, take a deep breath, get in touch with your inner wanderlust and start trekking your way to the greatest yoga festival around. The Wanderlust Festival is a celebration that attracts thousands of travels to destinations so breath-taking, it will even have the hardcore wanderlusts tempted to plant their nomadic feet firmly in the beautifully pure ground. Whether you choose to rest your mat between dramatically painted mountaintops in a multi-day affair or take in visuals of city skyscrapers that serve as your backdrop, you are sure to have a soulful experience free of the outside world.

(Photo Credit: www.theyogarecipe.com)

(Photo Credit: www.theyogarecipe.com)

To make your experience the very best, the festival invites the finest yoga instructors on planet Earth; musical acts that will have you singing along with your soul; chefs that make you wonder how you ever ate a meal without their guidance; motivational speakers that will leave you inspired to take over the world; daily outdoor activities that will leave your body exhausted and your mind invigorated and jaw-dropping, eye popping performances.

No time to scurry your way to a mountain in a faraway land? No worries! Wanderlust offers “Yoga in the City” suitable for those seeking an all-out yogic experience in your own neighborhood. YITC is led by local yoga instructors followed by a musical performance sure to set fire to those excited to boogie down.

Wanderlust’s mission is to “create community and mindful living” and they do so by crafting a versatile experience suited to make any Earth lover beam from ear to beautiful ear. In addition to endorsing yoga, the arts and proper eating techniques, the festivals equally promote the idea of “being green.” Placing great value in sustainable practices, Wanderlust has included waste reduction, recycling, composting and the use of renewable energy and carbon offsetting into their efforts to make the world a cleaner place.

Yoga-filled- check. Yummy eats- check. Vino-sippin’- check. Soul-touching tunes- check. Promotion of “being green”- check. Daily outdoor activities- check. As if the check list wasn’t long enough they selflessly went ahead and added philanthropy to the mix. Wanderlust will donate a portion of ticket sales to Trees, Water and People, a non-profit organization whose mission is to “improve people’s lives by helping communities protect, conserve, and manage the natural resources upon which their long-term well-being depends.” The partnership serves to reduce the environmental impact of guest’s yoga practice around the globe.

(Photo Credit: www.wanderlust.com)

(Photo Credit: www.wanderlust.com)

So there you have it yogis, the perfect getaway for wanderers looking to make an impact on this world. . . in the lightest way possible!

WHEN: Please click here for festival dates.

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TICKETS: Please click here to purchase tickets.

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