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A Better World Facebook Game To Support Real World Causes

Every so often a company comes along which not only offers a useful product or service to its customers but a desire to fulfill a wonderful goal as well. In this particular case, the company is ToonUps and the product is A Better World. Headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania, ToonUps created A Better World, which is a unique social enterprise which brings together fun and good deeds, in one easy-to-use Facebook game.

(Photo Credit: A Better World)

(Photo Credit: A Better World)

As a leader in the Cause Gaming® space, A Better World provides a way for Facebook users to do good deeds easily and effectively while having fun at the same time. With this “Do Good to Look Good” game, players gain rewards in the form of “Do-Good Gold” when they perform certain good deeds. These deeds can include easily completed actions such as sending get well wishes or expressing gratitude to others. When good deeds are fulfilled, players will then be able to use the “Do-Good Gold” rewards to decorate their virtual dream house or take care of adorable virtual pets. Players who love fashion will enjoy the fact that they can use their rewards gold to buy virtual clothing designed by country singer Josey Milner and dress up their models.

A Better World enables players to do good for others and appreciate why doing so is extremely important. Plus, playing A Better World is fun and free. This Cause Gaming® avenue is one which has caught on quickly with Facebook users. In fact, more than 2.5 million A Better World players have come together to accomplish more than 14 million good deeds. It is this action which speaks a thousand words.

There have been many recent developments announced by the team at A Better World. One relates to a recently accomplished goal whereby five children will receive surgeries to enable them to walk. This was the result of players completing 500,000 good deeds via the game during the month of April. As a result of this goal being met, the company will fund these five surgeries and this will be carried out with the assistance of CURE International. Simply by playing this game, and along with the generosity offered by A Better World, players helped five children to obtain a new life.

(Photo Credit: A Better World)

(Photo Credit: A Better World)

Another big announcement which A Better World has to share is that they have established a licensing initiative with the movie, Legends of Oz, which is soon to be released. A Better World players will be able to do good deeds and gain rewards such as accessorizing their characters and decorating their virtual homes with Legends of Oz theme items.

Learn more about A Better World by visiting their website here and find out how you can accomplish good deeds for others while taking part in a fun virtual game at the same time.




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