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From porch swinging on Sunday afternoons, to researching the roots of her hometown, to ordering her tofu fried, Rachel Parker is proud to be a southern girl. Homegrown in beautiful Tennessee, Rachel has worked for the past seven years as a professional dancer in various theaters along the east coast and visited over 25 countries as a performer with Princess Cruise Line Productions. Graduating from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a B.A. in English, emphasis in Creative Writing, she is currently writing and editing for a variety of freelance projects. Rachel loves Nashville’s beautifully eclectic art, music, and theater scene, as well as its deep appreciation for history through touring exhibitions and preservation of historic buildings.

Recap: Ghost The Musical At Tennessee Performing Arts Center In Nashville

A tale of hope, betrayal, friendship, grief, redemption, and above all a love story, Ghost The Musical at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, which ran Tuesday, February 25 through Sunday, March 2, 2014, was a complete success.  Opening night lowered its curtain to a theater of applause, cheers, laughter, and more than a few teary eyes.  The audience rose to a standing ovation as the first

Ghost The Musical


cast members took their bows, and remained standing until the very end.

Katie Postotnik and Steven Grant Douglas create a charismatic, genuine, emotionally raw, and beautiful love story as couple Sam Wheat and Molly Jenson.  With solid acting abilities and emotionally driven vocals, the performers allow the audience to care for these characters.  Postotnik and Douglas did not resort to mimicking these two iconic characters made famous by the original 1990 film, but brought with them a newness, making Sam and Molly’s story their own.

Also a strong performer, Robby Haltiwanger, is cold and calculating as the yuppie villain, Carl Brunner.  You know you’ve done well as the “bad guy” when the audience actually cheers at your decent into hell.

Carla R. Stewart’s portrayal of psychic advisor, Oda Mae Brown, was absolutely superb.  An incredibly talented performer Stewart is bursting with powerful, well trained vocals.  Her introduction with the song “Are You a Believer?,”  along with Evette Marie White and Lydia Warr, was hysterical, highly impressive, and a highlight of the show.  It was a joy to watch her character choices and spot on comedic timing unfold.

Ghost The Musical


Wonderfully choreographed by Ashley Warren, the movement was executed with clear intent, seamlessly transitioning the plot between the angular, fast-paced work of Wall Street to the colorful, diverse sidewalks of Brooklyn.  The dancers were well rehearsed, full of talent, and the life of the show.

So, “Ya’ll have got to see this show!” pretty much wraps up my feelings about Ghost The Musical.  If you missed it this time around, be sure to catch the show the next time it rolls into Music City.  Set, lighting, effects,  costuming, choreography, music, vocals, talent, and cast all synced for a truly unique and memorable theater experience, leaving the audience in a sense of wonder, happily questioning, “How was it all done?!”

Andrew Jackson Hall: Tennessee Performing Arts Center
505 Deaderick St.
Nashville, TN 37219
Ph. 615-782-4040


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