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Charity Meets: Kimberly Klacik, Founder Of Potential Me & Mrs. Baltimore 2014

Photo Credit: Travis Curry Photography

Photo Credit: Travis Curry Photography

Growing up, Kimberly Klacik remembers feelings of insecurity that once held her back from her dreams. Today, the beautiful wife, stepmother, and philanthropist has started a successful charity to instill confidence in other young women. Through Potential Me, young women volunteer in their community and utilize their creative writing abilities to earn a special garment, such as a dress for prom or a suit for an interview. As Klacik helps others realize their dreams, she is fulfilling hers as Mrs. Baltimore 2014 and will be competing for Miss Maryland in May.

Name: Kimberly Klacik

Occupation: Philanthropist

Website: potential-me.com

Twitter Handle: @PotentialMeNonp

Facebook Page: Potential Me

What are three words that best describe you? Humanitarian, Type A, Honest


Could you describe your business? Using eBay, I auction donated items to be able to purchase special and professional occasion garments for women unable to do so independently.

What is your role, where are you based and what do you inspires you most about your work? I am the founder and sole proprietor of Potential Me, based in Baltimore, MD. Daily I am inspired by women unaware of their potential.

Was there anything in your past that pointed you in the direction you’ve taken? As a teenager I suffered with low self-esteem due to a condition immobilizing me for 10 years. I was unable to see a future for myself.

What experience in your career are you most proud of? The fact that I took action and continue to stay true to my mission with a selfless attitude. I love bringing the idea of hope to someone else.

What advice would you share with those still in school? Never give up, no matter how many people might not agree with your vision. I believe it is best to go for the goal and not the gold.


Why is giving back is important to you? I would like for everyone to have an equal opportunity to become successful.

How has giving back helped you? I now take less for granted, and have a great appreciation for my up bringing.

How do you incorporate giving back into your life? Fortunately, Potential Me is my life, and it feels great to give back daily.

Which charities are near and dear to you and why? I love so many, but the ones I currently work with, Maryland New Directions and My Sister’s Circle, both in Baltimore.

When it comes to your own philanthropic efforts, what do you look back and feel made the largest impact on those that you set out to help? Helping graduating seniors enjoy their prom to the fullest is always a great feeling. Their hard work should be rewarded.

What is the most creative fundraising idea you’ve come across? I loved when Playworks Maryland did the Vegas Night theme. Gambling for charity, I stayed all night!

What are some must-attend charity events for you? A little bias, everything in Baltimore. Our community has a long way to go, and we have got to turn this area around.

My Sister's Circle Career Round Table Event

My Sister’s Circle Career Round Table Event


What brands do you wear most often? I love Milly by Michelle Smith, Calvin Klein, and Under Armour.

What is your favorite beauty product? My MAC foundation works wonders in photos

How would you describe your home décor? I am currently doing black and white striped accent walls in a few rooms. Modern.

What is your secret for hosting a great party? Small finger food items, people love to munch. In their minds, it is fewer calories.

Favorite food: Anything on the menu at Dalesio’s of Little Italy. Love the mussels and stuffed flounder.

Favorite cocktail: I have bottles of Killka Malbec at home. Anything red from Argentina works for me.

Favorite restaurant: Dalesio’s of Little Italy in Baltimore, MD

If you could have a dinner party for 8, who would you invite living or dead? Barack & Michelle Obama, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Carrie Underwood, Oprah, and my parents.

St. Vincent Summer Camp for the homeless

St. Vincent Summer Camp for the homeless

Favorite vacation spot: Nashville, TN

Do you have any tips for parents? Your children may not know you love them until you tell them

Favorite TV show: On the Case with Paula Zahn, Investigation Discovery

Favorite movie: Clueless

Favorite song: “She’s Country” by Jason Aldean

Favorite book: Nothing will top Blubber by Judy Blume. In my opinion, it should not be banned – bullying is real.

Favorite apps: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, eBay, and Curfew

iPhone or Android: iPhone

Favorite workout: I do not enjoy running, but it burns the most calories for me.

Where do you get your news? This may sound funny, but Twitter.

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