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Amelia Scalies Fights Bullying Through Her Music

Amelia Scalies ( pronounced scay-lees) is not your typical teen singer. Her insightful lyrics and piercing voice belie her fourteen years. Just as young artists like Taylor Swift and Lorde have attracted listeners of all ages, Scalies should reach a wide audience with her music.  Her debut album I Should’ve Known, will make her an artist to watch in 2014.

I Should've Known cover art

( Photo Credit: bandcamp.com)


Scalies is an artist that combines biting lyrics and melodies ranging from modern country to alternative rock that are infectious. Her music puts her in the same league as Paramore, Alanis Morrisette, and Avril Lavigne.  She sings about heartbreak and moving on from painful relationships in a way that artists twice her age can’t. She also sings about universal experiences on the 12 tracks that any music fan can relate to while listening to her album.

Not only is her music entertaining, but it’s inspiring, too. A pivotal song on the album is “Don”t Let Them Win”  , an anti-bullying song. The song features compelling lyrics like, “Because you’re gonna stand out/ gonna scream and shout/Gonna show them all what you’re all about/Don’t let them win/Don’t let them win.”    Scalies speaks from experience , having been bullied and witnessing her brother battling bullies as well. Scalies speaks to her peers that are challenged by the bullying epidemic in schools and gives them hope through her songs , like ” Don’t Let Them Win” and ” Memory”. On another song, “Phoenix”, she also declares, “You can try and hurt me/but you’re never going to burn me/ because I’ll stay a phoenix/be born from the ashes again.” Scalies said in a recent interview that “No matter what happens, my music is my priority. I will do whatever it takes to get the chance to help people through my music”. Amelia Scalies will definitely help people with her great new album.











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