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Find Style Direction For The New Year With Zappos Trendz Expert Natasha Pace

Scene: I got into trouble as soon as I walked out the door.  It’s the fourth morning of Mercedes-Benz-Fashion Week, and the Manhattan streets are strangely quiet. For a few precious hours, my crazy schedule is calm, so  I decide to  walk to my trainer David Kirsch’s office for some vitamins.  If I can find it, that is. I arrive at his office,  a blank-looking building and find nada. No gym. I check the building directory. I google the address. I call the office. But no answer. Could I have the wrong office? Possibly. My sense of direction is poor to the point of being ridiculous – far beyond what most people mean when they say they have a poor sense of direction.  Getting lost is similar to  being caught in the same outfit as a friend.    Not only are you embarrassed. But you feel out of place. Now that the New Year is underway, it’s time to get serious about what to wear?  In the land of online shopping, there’s only one company that stands shoulders above the rest.   This forword-thinking company, is always on trend, gives back to charities, and makes online shopping uber easy. To me, it’s  the land of OZ- AKA Zappos. So as many of you are looking for fashion direction in the new year, I took a moment to interview fashion expert and Zappos veteran extraordinaire, Natasha Pace,  for her online shopping secrets.


Natasha Pace zTrends Manager at Zapps.com ( Photo Credit: Zappos.com)

Natasha Pace zTrends Manager at Zapps.com ( Photo Credit: Zappos.com)

As a Zappos.com Trend Manager with the zTrends team, Natasha stays current on the latest fashion trends and styles, serving as both a fashion liaison and curator to our fashion-forward customers.  Her focus and dedication is clearly evident as she provides critical insight and contributions to the expanding role.

Q: Zappos is always on top of the latest trends. How  do you manage to  pick the perfect pieces, and stay ahead of the curve? 

A:  Through a team of buyers each specializing in the category they buy.  For our company, we pride ourselves on having buyers that live the lifestyle they buy for.  It’s how we can ensure we always have the best selection.

Q: How will the fashions at Zappos evolve in the 2014?

A.   Our buyers are constantly traveling, reading, attending events, basically eating, sleeping and breathing fashion.  They are always  on the lookout for new brands and building relationships with our existing ones.

Q: I love the cool curated section called Glance by Zappos. Can you explain how the items are selected for this section? 

A:  Yes, our customers love Glance by Zappos.  Our buyers choose selected items that match our trend-driven direction.  It’s just another way our buyers stay in contact with our customers.  We also have a dedicated team working with them.

Glance by Zappos ( Photo Credit: Zappos.com)

Glance by Zappos ( Photo Credit: Zappos.com)

Q:  What are the five best sellers for women this winter?

a.    Over-the-knee boots

b.    Sweaters!  all types

c.    Cross-body bags

d.    Tech accessories, such as phone covers

e.    Luxe track pants

Natasha’s shares her secrets for mastering online ordering and getting out of sticky style situations . 

Style Challenge: A full-figured women looking for a colorful dress for a work.

A: First, I would send them to our amazing Zappos  Plus Boutique! We have head to toe outfits put together that she can choose from, and on the left side of the page, she can choose the type of item she is looking for, say, “dresses” and then get into specifics from there and choose style, color, etc….or just search for her size only.


Kiyonna Romance Dress from Zappos.com ( Photo Credit: Zappos.com)

Kiyonna Romance Dress from Zappos.com ( Photo Credit: Zappos.com)

Style Challenge: A women, who is busty, but needs an amazing outfit for brunch. 

A: I would start with our intimates landing page first HERE. Once you know you can have the right foundation, then your shopping possibilities are endless.  We have the same return policy for all of our items on the site.

Style Challenge:   A women looking to down play her arms.

A:   Invest in a wardrobe staple, like a shrug.  Why pass up a dress you adore? Invest in a few different shrugs, a glamorous one, a basic, a fur, a lace one.  The possibilities are endless!

Calvin Klein Chiffon Shrug ( Photo Credit: Zappos)

Calvin Klein Chiffon Shrug ( Photo Credit: Zappos)

Style Challenge: A women looking for ec0-friendly designs 

We have tons of Eco-Friendly lines. Just a search will take you there.  We have multiple brands and categories to choose from.

Eco-Friendly Dress by Horny Toad Dress ( Photo by Zappos.com)

Eco-Friendly Dress by Horny Toad Dress ( Photo by Zappos.com)



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