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Tiffany Chin is the Denver Editor for Miss A. She was raised in Hong Kong, and has traveled extensively around the world. She currently calls Denver her home, and can be found exploring local restaurants, attending festivals & entertainment events, and shopping to fulfill her obsession with dresses. She has found Colorado to be one of the best states in the country, and loves that it provides everything she left back home. In her quiet time, she plays the piano, cooks, sews, writes poetry and visits the mountains from time to time.

Olive And Finch Opens In Denver’s Uptown Neighborhood

Photo Credit: Zagat.com

Photo Credit: Zagat.com

As Coloradoans, we love our hiking, skiing, rock climbing or tubing but we enjoy our down time as much as our active lifestyle. So if we’re not in the mountains or by a lake, you can find us taking time to be among friends, family or ourselves at something like a coffee shop. Starbucks or Peets Café might be a popular choice but in true Colorado style, we prefer local such as the newly opened Olive and Finch.

Olive and Finch, located in the Uptown neighborhood on Humboldt St and 17th Avenue, is a locally owned cafe that serves sandwiches, salads, soups, breakfast and a full menu of drinks including alcohol. It is a perfect spot for friends to gather and chat, lovers to spend quality time together or some afternoon studying.

Starting with the décor, the lovable café has a farm-esque feel and European flair. From wood chairs and table tops to obscure light fixtures, the local business fits perfectly in the hip Uptown neighborhood with other establishments such as Thin Man, St Mark’s Coffee and Vine Street Pub. The cafe’s floor plan welcomes plenty of natural light with a garage door-style window where, by summer you can sip your coffee by the summer breeze. The most brilliant part of the cafe is almost every seating area has an outlet, which means you can take the time to work or study without sweating over your battery life or bothering your neighbor to see if you can use the outlet for ten minutes.

Photo Credit: Yelp.com

Photo Credit: Yelp.com

Mary Nguyen, owner of Olive and Finch, wanted the café to be about the people so in addition to creating a perfect space, she created food choices that fit the Denver palate. We like it traditional but we also like to experiment so you can try the traditional tuna salad paired with fruity orzo or Green Eggs & Sam breakfast accompanied with potato salad.

Mary is very conscious of the health of our community so all the foods are created in-house and ingredients are drawn from local farmers. She’s also implemented a juice bar at the cafe where patrons can learn about the benefits of each juice choice. Mary has been juicing for over twenty years so her knowledge of food and body is immense and you can trust that you can get the best out of each sip. Mary is also aware of Denver’s on-the-go lifestyle so besides being able to dine-in you can order anything on the menu or the food bar by the pound, curbside. Either way, you can expect the same quality and taste with fair pricing.

Speaking of the community, Mary is very grateful of the support of the Denver community. Her love of food has only been growing since she founded Parellel 17.  That being said, Mary has been involved with numerous local non-profits by donating proceeds through food sales, fundraisers or in-house programs.

Photo Credit: Olive and Finch

Photo Credit: Olive and Finch

At the moment, Mary started an in-house fundraiser at the coffee station. Basically, the coffee station is an honor system where guests can walk in, grab a cup of coffee and pay for the coffee in a box on the wall. A non profit will be picked each month and for one week of the month the money raised at the coffee station will go to the non profit.


Olive and Finch
1552 E. 17th Avenue
Denver, CO 80218
Ph. 303-832-8663


Sunday – Monday: 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

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