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The Give Back Yoga Foundation


Piglt (Photo Credit: www.piglt.com)

In a world ran by technology, things are constantly changing. How movies,businesses, web series, and even non profit organizations are funded has completely changed. The traditional route is still in place, but sites such as Indiegogo, Go Fund Me, and Kickstarter have been making waves by allowing people to ask for funding for projects that are in the works. Then there is Piglt, an LA based startup that’s making an impact for education and community-based causes. They are currently helping to raise funds for the organization The Give Back Yoga Foundation.

The Give Back Yoga Foundation

The Give Back Yoga Foundation (Photo Credit: www.givebackyoga.org)

Yoga is used to center the mind and to attain permanent peace. Peace, something that many veterans are in need of once they’ve returned home, or even while still active. The Give Back Yoga Foundation’s mission is to awaken, transform, and give back. One in three veterans is battling with PTSD, and GBYF is working to change their lives and help them live a life they feel is worth living.

Major Missy

Major Missy (Photo Credit: www.givebackyoga.org)

Raising $15,000 will put Yoga for Veterans Toolkits in the hands of 2000 veterans. They’re hoping to reach an overall goal of sharing free training resources with over 10,000 veterans. The Give Back Yoga Foundation is working to do this by launching a campaign on Piglt. By gaining the funds for this organization, they will be afforded the chance to provide Yoga to veterans who suffers from PTSD. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is a severe condition that is brought on by traumatic experiences such as death, an attack, or even a threat to someone’s life. Women are more likely to experience PTSD than men, and children under the age of ten are least likely to ever experience it . Yoga has been known to help vets regain control over their nervous system that always seems to be on edge.

The Give Back Yoga Foundation campaign will end on December 31st, but until then, they are in need of all of our help to provide resources to these amazing veterans that fight for our country everyday. No matter what the donation amount may be, it will be appreciated and used to help those in need.

To donate, please visit Piglt or visit The Give Back  Yoga Foundation’s website to check out other ways for you to help out. Every penny really does count.

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