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We Will Survive: True Stories Of Encouragement, Inspiration And The Power Of Song By Gloria Gaynor

(Photo Credit: Google.com)

(Photo Credit: Google.com)

Disco music may be dead, but its queen is alive and kicking. When in 1978 Gloria Gaynor released “I Will Survive” as the B-side of a single record, the audience response was massive. Not only did her song climb immediately to the top of Billboard’s Pop Charts; her lyrics, written from the point of view of a woman dumped by her lover and determined to cope without him, became an anthem of female emancipation. Gloria Gaynor’s #1 hit single went double platinum, it won a Grammy Award in 1980 for Best Disco Recording, and still today, after three decades of international airplay, her tale of personal strength is regarded as a banner of social survivor by a vast audience of women and men alike.

Over the years, the award winning artist received thousands of personal messages from fans whose lives had been transformed by her emotional anthem. Reaching millions of people from different walk of lives, Gaynor’s hymn to human resiliency inspired thousands of fans to share their own stories of ‘survival’. In her latest book, We Will Survive: True Stories Of Encouragement, Inspiration, And The Power Of Song (Grand Harbor Press, December 2013), an anthology of essays co-authored with Vanity Fair reporter-researcher Sue Carswell, the disco legend collects forty of those fan stories, authentic and inspirational tales of people who, through the power of her song, have found the strength to triumph over abuse, abandonment, loss, terminal illnesses, and national tragedies.

Since her debut as a singer of a jazz-pop band, Gaynor has been doing more than surviving. She has been striving and thriving, not only as an established disco artist, but also as a tv actress (The Wayans Bros, That ‘70s Show, Allie McBeal) and a tireless live-performer. She keeps riding the success of “I Will Survive” with tours around the world, tv show appearances, a psychology degree, and a renewed faith in God.

(Photo Credit: Grand Harbor Press)

(Photo Credit: Grand Harbor Press)

The Dance Music Hall Of Fame honored artist is indefatigable also on the philanthropic front. Over the years, Gaynor has attended several benefits, including New York Gay’s Men’s Health Crisis and the Elton John AIDS Foundation. She is actively involved with a remarkable number of charities: from breast cancer to diabetes, cerebral palsy and domestic violence, Gloria gives purpose and meaning to her life reaching out to those in need. The disco legend, who has won numerous awards for her lifetime achievements in music and philanthropic efforts (the Golden Camera Award from HORZU, Grammy Music Hall of Fame, International Pediatric Hall of Fame, Role Model For Youth, Legend Award ), has always devoted great attention to the plague of abuse and domestic violence. Her anthology incorporates several stories contributed by abuse victims and healing groups.

The list of organization she supports is as impressive and varied as her electrifying career: among those dearest to her heart, Save The Children, Child Fund, UCP (United Cerebral Palsy), American Diabetes Association, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Breast Health & Healing, National Network To End Domestic Violence, and Rethinking Cancer.

Gloria Gaynor’s upcoming tour will kick off on December 6, 2013 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida,with the Royal Caribbean Cruise, and will touch also Chile, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. For booking information and details about the charities she proudly supports, visit her website.

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