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Charitable And Stylish Icons: Josephine Baker

The very stylish Josephine Baker! www.facesofblackfashion.com

The very stylish Josephine Baker!
(Photo Credit: www.facesofblackfashion.com)

Josephine Baker grew up in a deprived childhood in St. Louis and rose up to the pinnacle of the Harlem Renaissance to perform as a chorus girl before going to Paris. Here her skin colour was celebrated instead of maligned and her legend was given birth.

Baker also pushed boundaries in fashion. Baker’s signature style consisted of feathers, sparkling jewelry, headdresses and scantily-clad outfits. She wore not much more than a couple of strings of pearls, huge and fabulous chandelier earrings and a “skirt” of bananas around her hips for her dances at the Follies Bergère. Her talent and dances were much celebrated.





Baker in the fabulous banana "skirt" en.wikipedia.org

Baker in the fabulous banana “skirt”
(Photo Credit: en.wikipedia.org)


Baker loved to impress with some feathers! www.last.fm

Baker loved to impress with some feathers!
(Photo Credit: www.last.fm)


Baker looking stunning with a statement headdress and long earrings www.spclarke.com

Baker looking stunning with a statement headdress and long earrings
(Photo Credit: www.spclarke.com)


Baker wearing her trademark long strings of pearls wallsinhd.com

Baker wearing her trademark long strings of pearls
(Photo Credit: wallsinhd.com)


She was the queen of wearing sparkling jewelry www.smh.com.au

She was the queen of wearing sparkling jewelry
(Photo Credit: www.smh.com.au)


Baker helped the French resistance movement during World War II. She worked as an American Red Cross nurse and also as an underground courier. She used her skills to entertain the troops as a sublieutenant in the women’s auxiliary of the Free French forces. She performed for U.S. troops in Algeria with the USO. Baker also showed her caring, maternal side by adopting her self-proclaimed “rainbow tribe,” which was a dozen children of different races. She wished to show that children of different colours and nationalities could live and do well together. She adopted 12 children from all across the world. Kind-hearted Josephine also helped to advance the civil rights movement in America. She refused to perform in theaters that discriminated and wouldn’t go on stage until black people were able to sit in the same areas as white people. She spoke at the 1963 March on Washington, telling the crowd in true inspirational fashion that they looked like “Salt and pepper. Just what it should be.”

Josephine Baker USO

Josephine Baker signing the National Anthem in a U.S.O. show for troops in Oran, Algeria in May 1943.


(Photo Credit: punk-geisha.blogspot.com)



(Photo Credit: en.wikipedia.org)


(Photo Credit: johnesimpson.com)


(Photo Credit: www.mundodebeauty.com)


(Photo Credit: womenshistory.about.com)


(Photo Credit: fashionbombdaily.com)


(Photo Credit: www.vam.ac.uk)











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