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As a recent Japanese-Polish American Evergreen graduate Kaye Michalak was focusing on social anthropology with a passion for social justice. Her drive for social justice has always been present while living and traveling abroad as a daughter of a former foreign service officer. She is constantly aware of socially conscious activities, whether it be an event hosted by an organization, or a musical artist with a progressive message for the masses. Kaye is a current intern at Break the Silence, a non-profit organization promoting recognition for those unseen through murals internationally. She strongly believes that the arts is a powerful social justice tool to spread awareness. When she is not working as a nanny, Kaye is a dancer and a foodie at heart. She loves exploring new flavors, and going to concerts, and will try almost anything for the first time. With an appetite for adventure Kaye is always looking for ways to travel and explore new places, whether that be overseas or right here in Seattle.

Recap: Team Up For Nonprofits 2013 In Seattle

(Photo Credit: Ryan Warner)


Tractor Tavern was the place to be last Thursday as they hosted the final Gigs4Good event of 2013, benefiting Team Up for Nonprofits!

The band Big Sur was the opening group with melodic folk songs and goofy spirits, followed by high energy Bigfoot Wallace & His Wicked Sonswith the long awaited Motopony to close the night. Needless to say, the music was the main event and well chosen, though what I found to be most interesting was the variety of music that was performed that night.  Three different bands with very different sounds kept the crowd curious and eager for more.

The reason why a great night of music and fundraising was made possible was mainly due to Team Up for Nonprofits!  Team Up for Nonprofits stays simple and true to its name. Their main goal is to work with nonprofits and use their musical management and event planning skills to help raise money and awareness for local Seattle nonprofits.

(Photo Credit: Ryan Warner)

Though Team Up is itself a nonprofit who needs help from their community, one of Team Up’s Board members and communications manager Jessica Muir states that “This show was our annual fundraiser for ourselves so that we can continue to host more Gigs4Goods in 2014.”

Team Up is a 501(c)3 nonprofit who uses music and social media to reach people in their 20’s and 30’s hoping to spread awareness of other nonprofits and the work that they do in a fun and affordable way.  One of the coolest things to witness is “young people be able to have a fun philanthropic experience that’s not going to cost them an arm and a leg” Team Up founder Ryan Hodgson was inspired with the idea while working for other non-profits within the Seattle area. After moving to the states about 5 year ago he was working with and got to know people within the non profit community through raising money for events.

“As I got to know more people in the non profit community I got to know and bond with them, and it came to me that I wanted to help them, it came to me that I wanted to do something in my realm to actually help them.” Ryan took his previous skills as a music manager and his new-found relationships with the non-profit community here in Seattle and has created Team Up, putting on musical events to lend a hand to organizations with a lot of volunteers who are doing something progressive. However, like all non-profits, they don’t always have the monetary means to do so. Team Up is a completely volunteer-run organization with many of their volunteers finding the organization through social media sites such as Facebook, and Twitter.

(Photo Credit: Ryan Warner)

Something that everyone can do for Team Up is simply getting the word out about shows and the organization itself. Please click here for more information on how you can get involved in 2014!

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