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Ashley C. Jones is the Entertainment Editor for Miss A. She is a writer, and soon to be entrepreneur (stay tuned). She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication Arts and also minored in International Studies at St. John’s University in NY. The minor was stumbled upon thanks to a semester in various countries, which sort of qualifies her as well traveled.

A native to nowhere, Ashley has spent most of her life living in either Houston, TX or Illinois suburbs. She now lives in NY. While further honing her writing skills in her last year of University education, and after, she found her niche in doing interviews, a great fit, because of a natural obsession with docu-dramas, magazine interviews, and documentaries, starting at an extremely young age.

Some of Ashley’s favorite charities include Vitamin Angels, The ASPCA, and Alzheimer’s Association. She’s extremely awkward in front of a camera, has an artistic temperament despite not really being an artist (yet), and is passionate about organic produce, vintage thrifting, art, music, yoga, and lots of other things!

Music, Style And Giving Back With Picks for Peace

all bracelets from the Festivals collection. (Photo credit: http://www.picksforpeace.com)

From the Festivals collection. (Photo credit: http://www.picksforpeace.com)

Like most college students, I’ve spent some time at music festivals.  It was at the last one I attended  in, August 2012, that two girls handed me a promotional sticker for their jewelry line Picks for Peace.  Later that week I logged on to the website, and saw that not only did they have great jewelry but also a great cause. Since then I have kept in touch with the founders Mariel and Sofia Mizrahi via social media and recently had the good fortune of securing this interview with Mariel Mizrahi of Picks for Peace for Miss A!

Q: At the 2012 Electric Zoo there were stickers being handed at with the logo, which is how I became aware of your brand, is this still a way that your jewelry is promoted, and how big of a promotion method is this for Picks for Peace?

A: This is definitely still a way our jewelry is promoted and a big part of it.  Anything that has our logo really helps us to brand ourselves as a company. When people see our logo they think oh that’s Picks For Peace without us even being there or saying the words. We hand them out everywhere we go. It’s  like the Nike swoosh, you see their logo and you know it’s Nike. Promotional items such as stickers have helped us to market our company in a simple but effective way.

Q: I’ve also noticed that there is now a collection called Festivals, what’s the story for how this came about?

A: Well considering a large part of our marketing and promoting is done at music festivals we thought it would be appropriate to categorize specific bracelets for these types of events. This way when our customers are shopping on the website it is easy to navigate and find exactly what they’re looking for. People who we see at music festivals are always wearing a great deal of bracelets and accessories. What would be more appropriate than an accessory that incorporates both fashion and music! We’ve placed the most colorful and funky bracelets in this category.

Q: Was it ever a conscious effort to do promotions through music festivals or is this just something that kind of happened?

A: This was just an idea we had as our company began to grow. Our brand has everything to do with music and we thought it would be the perfect target market for our line. We decided to try promoting at Electric Zoo in 2012 and it was a great turn out. Everyone there loved the bracelets, took stickers and the next day we received a significant amount of orders and emails.

Q: Do you have any plans for promoting at music festivals in the future?

A: This will always be a part of how we promote since it has been a success for us in the past. We have gotten such positive feedback from that type of crowd. The both of us are also obviously music lovers so we enjoy going for the music and festivities while promoting Picks For Peace at the same time.

Q: Has your brand’s involvement with charity changed at all over time?

A: We have a very close relationship with the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance. This relationship only grows stronger as we continue to donate and make people aware of our conscious effort. This is the most important thing about Picks For Peace because our mission is to help others while honoring our father who passed away from this cancer.

Q: What is the long term objective for Picks for Peace and its philanthropic efforts?

A: Picks For Peace is ultimately a remembrance for our father, it is what keeps his wisdom and love alive for us. We want to share his positivity and hope with he world. Wearing Picks For Peace is meaningful, it’s not just another piece of jewelry. We have come so far since the first day we started this company. Whether it has been selling our merchandise in stores, participating in charity events, or simply expanding our jewelry line. We will always donate to The Head and Neck Cancer Alliance and hopefully even more charities in the future. We want to continue to grow and expand while showing others that we all have the ability to make a difference and change the world.

 Q: What’s the most important thing that you feel you could pass along to others as you continue in your success?

You can do anything you put your mind to. If you work hard and believe in yourself your dreams  come true. Just remember to “keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground”. – Theodore Roosevelt

Q: What’s the most valuable lesson that you have learned through being in the business, and keeping up with a mission to be charitable?

A: Always stay positive, always work hard and never give up on something you believe in. Dreams don’t work unless you do. Charity and Picks For Peace go hand and hand for us and we will continue to live up to this mission.

From the Festivals collection. (Photo credit: http://www.picksforpeace.com)

From the Festivals collection. (Photo credit: http://www.picksforpeace.com)

From the Festivals collection. (Photo credit: http://www.picksforpeace.com)

From the Festivals collection. (Photo credit: http://www.picksforpeace.com)

From the Festivals collection. (Photo credit: http://www.picksforpeace.com)

From the Festivals collection. (Photo credit: http://www.picksforpeace.com)

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