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Interview With Sarah Boyd, Founder Of SimplyStylist.com

Simply Stylist Founder Sarah Boyd ( Photo Credit: Simply Stylist)

Simply Stylist Founder Sarah Boyd ( Photo Credit: Simply Stylist)

Let’s begin with her schedule. She doesn’t work on weekends. Unless she’s a Simply Stylist conference.   She  regularly works out. She manages to find family time, mommy time, dinner time and doggy time, while running two successful companies. Welcome to Sarah Boyd‘s world. Mastering the art of entrepreneurship is  hard.  Really hard.  Almost 90% of startup companies fail. But not Sarah Boyd. Named by Forbes as on of the Female founders to watch, Boyd is leading the way for  modern fashionistas looking to connect the dots in big ways.

After 10 years as a public relations professional, Sarah Boyd founded SimplyStylist.com, a company dedicated to connecting consumers with top tier designers, stylists, and tastemakers in the fashion and beauty industry.  ” I feel powerful when I finish up a conference, she says.”  Once it’s over I get to reflect with my team on the amazing event we put on, and the connections we aided in making for other people. It’s such a great feeling of accomplishment.  We work for months and it all leads up to this one day.”  After launching sold-out conferences in LA, New York and Chicago, she’s now launching her first event in Dallas this Sunday.  What’s her secret? Read on.

Q:Why did you create Simply Stylist? How did you come up with the name?

A: I created Simply Stylist as a platform for connection within the fashion & beauty industries and to showcase the TRUE trendsetters in the industry.  The editors, stylists, bloggers, designers, makeup artists and hair stylists are really the ones who start trends and I wanted to showcase them.  I came up with the name Simply Stylist because the stylists behind the scenes are simply trendsetters!

Q: What’s been one of the biggest challenges in starting a business?

A: Making that initial ‘jump’ and leaving my job to start Simply Stylist!  Taking that huge risk.

Q: How long did it take you to become successful as an entrepreneur

Simply Stylist Founder Sarah Boyd and Jay Manuel  ( Photo Credit: Simply Stylist )

Simply Stylist Founder Sarah Boyd and Jay Manuel ( Photo Credit: Simply Stylist )

A: I continue pushing myself!  Every day I find new ways to build my company in new (and innovative, out of the box) ways. I think strategic alliances are very important in building a company too.

Q:  What’s your best piece of advice to entrepreneurs?

A: Don’t lose your passion and remember to keep your life balanced.  Being an entrepreneur means that you could easily work 24 hours a day and still not finish your to-do list.  Make yourself a schedule and turn it off so you can enjoy friends, family, work out and (gasp) eat lunch away from your desk.  By having balance in your life, it will help you to not burn out and keep fresh ideas coming!

Q: How do you find time to balance your personal and professional life

My husband makes sure that I keep that balance and always keeps me in check when I start working too late or too much.  It makes me stressed and tired when I don’t take a break.  I make sure to turn it off and say no.  In the beginning I said yes to everything, but I realized I can’t go to every dinner, ever event and every coffee meeting.  I schedule myself 1-2 nights a week to attend events and weekends NO WORK (unless I have one of my conferences that weekend). Our weekends consist of family time – the kids baseball & basketball games, dinners, dog park and the beach.  I do my boxing workout from 7:30am – 8:30am, do a few emails before and get into work feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day!  Balance really is key.

Q: Are there any particular charities you support?

A: YES!  I love The Farley Project, founded by philanthropist and publicist Elissa Kravetz.  It’s an anti-bullying charity and I absolutely love the message they’re sending to youth.  I also work with I AM THAT GIRL

Q: Why did you choose ” I am that girl” as a charity recipient of your Simply Stylist  event?

A: We have a similar vision, which is to empower women, support entrepreneurialism, turning self-doubt into self-love.

I AM That Girl ( Photo Credit;: I AM That Girl)

I AM That Girl ( Photo Credit;: I AM That Girl)

Q: What is the best part of your life?

A: I have to say I’m really happy all around!  I do miss my family on the east coast a lot but other than that, I love my job, my team, my family here.  Couldn’t ask for much more.





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