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Sustainable Tourism Just Got A Easier

GSTCIf eco-friendly travel is important to you, here’s some good news — the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) recently announced it would partner with the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) for its Tourism for Tomorrow Awards.

By working together on the awards, the two councils hope to better support sustainable tourism efforts and recognize achievements in eco-friendly travel. Their partnership will ultimately make sustainable tourism easier for travelers, as the more organizations work together to promote eco-tourism the more businesses will hop on board with green initiatives.

About the GSTC and WTTC

For those of you who don’t know, the Global Sustainable Tourism Council is an international organization dedicated to sustainable tourism education and promotion. It accomplishes its aims by setting international standards, promoting certain destinations, developing training and outreach programs, fostering market access and facilitating accreditation. The council also develops the GSTC Criteria for Destinations. These criteria give the minimum specifications that destinations and businesses should achieve to foster sustainability and conservation.

WTTCLikewise, the World Travel and Tourism Council is a global organization that fosters sustainability awareness and encourages eco-tourism. Specifically, the WTTC is a forum for business leaders dedicated to environmentally friendly travel and tourism. The WTTC’s Tourism for Tomorrow Awards are the premier awards for responsible, eco-friendly tourism. The awards recognize the businesses and destinations that lead the world in sustainable tourism. The Tourism for Tomorrow Awards also build awareness for eco-tourism and encourage green business practices around the globe.

A Timely Partnership

The announcement of the councils’ collaboration couldn’t have come at a better time, as eco-friendly tourism has never been more relevant. More and more people are becoming aware of the impact that we have on the environment and want to do something to minimize it, although eco-tourism has been slower to take off than other green initiatives. This is unfortunate because vehicle emissions are one of the most detrimental factors on our environment. Fortunately, we can take steps to make them less harmful. Little things like checking one bag instead of two at the airport or taking a bus instead of a cab really do make a difference in the long run. The more people are aware of what they can do, the greener travel will become.

Willingness to Work Together

Eco-friendly tourism preserves the beautiful natural world. (Photo credit: H.R.Sabbaghi)

Eco-friendly tourism preserves the beautiful natural world. (Photo credit: H.R.Sabbaghi)

Both the GSTC and the WTTC look forward to working with each other on the Tomorrow Awards. This is the first time the two groups will be collaborating and hopefully both sides will bring some new and exciting ideas to the table. Mauro Marrocu, the CEO of GSTC, stated that he is eager to work with WTTC. Marrocu said he is looking forward to a “long-standing and fruitful collaboration.”

The GSTC–WTTC partnership sets a good example for corporations and leaders around the world. If sustainable tourism is to flourish, we all must work together. Green travel depends on a number of different factors, both individual and industrial. All parties involved with tourism need to get on board to make the process more sustainable.

Good News for the Consumers

If you’ve been disappointed by the lack of eco-friendly travel options in the past, you understand how important it is to build awareness of responsible, sustainable tourism. The more organizations like GSTC and WTTC join forces to promote eco-tourism the more green travel options you’ll have in the future.

Most businesses agree that green initiatives are important — they just aren’t aware of opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint. As more businesses and corporations adopt sustainable tourism initiatives, it will become easier and easier to stay green while traveling.

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