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Feit 4 Kidz Fertility Fund Hosts First Annual Gala At Luxe Hotel LA

Saturday, November 16th will mark Feit 4 Kidz’s first annual gala. The event, which is being held at the fabulous Luxe Hotel in Los Angeles will feature a silent auction,  an open bar and hors d’ouvres as well as live music and dancing. In addition to presentations by the Feit family, renowned fertility specialist, Dr. Robert Boostanfar will be honored with an award. 

Feit 4 Kidz was launched just over a year ago by Alan and Emily Feit. After having experienced  years of agonizing infertility issues themselves, the couple turned to fertility treatments for help. But even that would prove to be difficult. Still,  Feit 4 Kidz co-founder Emily Feit, says that she and her husband refused to give up.

“We had tried everything–insemination, injections, hormone treatments–whatever options we could find.We had gone to multiple fertility specialists by the time we found  Dr. Boostanfar. Then on the night before I was scheduled to go in for another treatment, my husband made a promise. If the treatment resulted in a viable pregnancy, we would take the exact amount of money we’d spent on fertility  and donate it to help other couples struggling to conceive.”  The treatment worked, and the Feits welcomed a beautiful set of twins in June, 2012.  Making good on their promise, they started Feit 4 Kidz Fertility Fund the following year.  The couple then began looking for various organizations to partner with, ultimately choosing the Jewish Free Loan Association (JFLA). Feit says how “Couples that struggle with infertility face problems in more ways than one. First, there is tremendous emotional stress and heart break. But then aside from that, you have the issue of money. Most people don’t know that the number one barrier to achieving fertility is lack of finances,” she says.

Since March of 2013, the partnership has provided ten loans, totaling over $185,000 with a re-payment rate of 99.8 percent. Feit says she and her husband are “so happy to be able to turn something so negative and heart wrenching into something that can be so beautiful and simple.” She adds that the two main goals  for both Feit 4 Kidz as well as JFLA are to help people cross barriers, both finance and infertility alike. Feit says they also want to raise awareness and “shed a light on infertility for those who feel something is wrong with them, when so many times there is nothing wrong at all.” In addition, she says their future plans include opening up their services up to all races and ethnic groups across the board. “We began with helping those within the Jewish community, but we recognize that infertility is an issue that all couples struggle with.” By providing the funds for couples to undergo In Vitro Fertilization, the Feit family along with JFLA are helping to stamp out the issue of infertility, and  bring hope to so many deserving people in the process.

WHEN: Saturday, November 16, 2013 at 6:30 p.m.

The Luxe Hotel
11461 Sunset Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90049
Ph. 323-761-8830 ext. 111

TICKETS: Please click here to purchase tickets.

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