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Andrew “Dice” Clay, Tara Reid and Tom Green Begin Filming The Big Big Show « Miss A® | Charity Meets™ Style.
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 Miss A Columnist

Dena Miller is the Dallas Editor for Miss A. She has been described by Style Network as a "Queen Bee". Formerly a glam rock scene Diva, Dena is now a Socialite on the Dallas philanthropy scene, specializing in Polo events that benefit women's and children's causes.

While never forgetting her small town roots from a Midwestern farming community in rural Missouri, she’s fit right in the “Big D” since coming here in 1984. After 11 years of promoting the music scene, hobnobbing with the most popular bands from coast to coast, she switched gears after meeting her husband at the first Polo match she ever attended. Always one for excitement, Polo became her new rock n roll.
With her marriage and new found passion for polo, came Philanthropy. Miller founded the Ladies Polo Auxiliary of Texas in 2005 with the goal of promoting the Sport of Kings in north Texas via charity events for causes that are close to her heart. To date the LPA has raised over $500,000 for causes such as domestic violence, children with serious medical needs, therapeutic horsemanship, the Polo Training Foundation, children’s advocacy and food drives for north Texas food Bank. When not working on her own events she is attending Charity luncheons and balls as well as volunteering at golf tournaments and Special Olympics events. She is a member of the USPA Equine Welfare committee and on Board of Dress For Succes Dallas.

Writing has been a lifetime passion of Dena’s. Besides working on a book that proceeds will benefit domestic violence organizations, and writing for two national polo magazines, is a frequent contributor to Dallas area publications, winning Best Contributor Award from Dallas Morning News Neighborsgo, she is co-authoring a book on the phenomenon of cyber bullying by adult women, referred to as Cyber Harrassment.

Andrew “Dice” Clay, Tara Reid and Tom Green Begin Filming The Big Big Show

On Tuesday, October 8 filming officially began as a live audience witnessed theLOGO-FINAL-72DPI-CURTAINSdena taping of what executive producers Tommy Habeeb and Andrew “Dice”  Clay  promise to be a “fast paced hysterical hour”. Considering the cast- Andrew Dice Clay ( Blue Jasmine, Entourage), Tara Reid(American Pie, Sharknado and Tie the Knot-a romantic comedy she just wrapped) and Tom Green (Freddy got fingered, Charlie’s Angels), as the panel of celebrity judges in this satirical reality talent show concept with Dallas local Tommy Habeeb as the Host, could it be anything less?

LOGO-FINAL-ONSCREENdenaBrainchild of Jim Campbell, The Big Big Show began about four years ago as an on line talent show and became so popular  that Jim knew it was time to take it to the  television audience. When Tommy Habeeb came on as producer he says he knew immediately that celebrities had to be involved and Andrew Dice Clay was his first thought. The Diceman was so impressed with this new, fresh concept that he not only agreed to star but came on as co-producer. He knew that his great friend for years, Tom Green, was perfect for this project and Tom agreed. Next was to find the right female star. While several were thought about all agreed that Tara Reid was their girl.  Jim says he couldn’t be happier about the ensemble and the interview was such a love fest and mutual admiration society, the cast chemistry was huge.

I sat down with Tara in the green room first and she says that all the guys are

(Photo Credit: Caitlin Rottino)

(Photo Credit: Caitlin Rottino)

just “big teddy bears”  and that they are having so much fun. We spoke about the surprise of the success of Sharknado. She was in Mexico when fans began burning up Twitter with feedback and a friend told her she should check it out. We discussed social media outlets like Twitter where you can get positive feedback but also bullying, while many celebrities have taken themselves off of Twitter because of bullying and negative comments Tara says its the perfect forum for addressing rumors and lies and to stand up for yourself. She see’s the Big Big Show as giving her an opportunity to be herself where she’s not playing a character and fans can truly judge her for what they see, as it will be the real Tara.

(Photo Credit: Caitlin Rottino)

(Photo Credit: Caitlin Rottino)

Next, I chilled with Tom and Andrew in the sunshine outside of their trailers. Letting Andrew know that I haven’t seen him since I was 22 ( um, I’ll let you guess how long ago that was) at the comedy Store in LA, and when I heard he was part of the cast I wondered what part of that character would be appropriate for family TV.  I have to admit that I haven’t seen his work on Blue Jasmine with Cate Blanchette that has academy award  nomination buzz, so haven’t seen him in another character. All the cast members assured me that this show is meant for the entire family and are excited to be a part of something one can watch with their children or grandparents. Of the talent they’ll be judging on the show, Tom says ” Who knows, we could find the next Justin Bieber or the next Willy Park (Pants on the Ground). Tom is exactly the same in real life as he was on his MTV show, its hard to tell when he’s being serious and when he’s joking as he keeps a straight face that is the part of his schtick that makes his comedy act (or is it?) so funny!

What kind of talent is the show looking for? Creator and executive producer Jim

(Photo Credit: Caitlin Rottino)

(Photo Credit: Caitlin Rottino)

Campbell says, ” This reality talent competition pushes the envelope with a wide array of guests from the ridiculous to the ridiculously talented.” I can’t give away too much but I did interview one of the acts I saw, 15 year old Matthew Davidson whose mom drove him from Shreveport Louisiana to appear. I was very impressed by not only his guitar playing but hos choice of music. he says his influence is listening to his dads genre of music, which explains it. Will he be showered with cash or should the judges be so inclined, get to experience the “ultimate coup de gras in the form of absurdity ranging from a surprise liquid goo bath to a tomato bombing and everything in between!” Watching the taping of the first episode I could see Jims vision coming to life. it looks indeed to be where Willy Wonka meets The Gong Show.

(Photo Credit: Caitlin Rottino)

(Photo Credit: Caitlin Rottino)

I had to ask about philanthropic causes for my article, of course. Miss A readers want to know what cause is close to your heart. Tommy Habeeb told me that SPCA is where his charity contributions go while Tara has raised funds for Tomorrows Child, a children’s cancer organization. Cancer is a popular cause amongst the group with Andrew having done events for breast cancer because “it’s important”, he said, and Tom himself not only had testicular cancer but did a documentary on his treatment and recovery process that aired on MTV, so does what he can for that cause.

To be a part of the Live show audience, Big Big Show TV on Facebook!

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