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Interview with Tina Corrado, Owner of Posh Collections In Philadelphia

Tina Corrado, Owner of Posh Collections (Photo Credit: Posh Collections)

Tina Corrado,Owner of Posh Collections (Photo Credit: Posh Collections)

Posh Collections of Malvern recently got a makeover just in time for the Fall fashion season. Posh, which sells fine women’s apparel and accessories, opened in 2007 and has won Best of Mainline Today Awards every year since. The store’s fabulous new look includes shiny wood floors and beautifully painted dressing rooms, topped off with a glittering chandelier. AskMissA.com sits down with the owner, Tina Corrado, to get the latest on Posh Collections.

Q: You spent over 10 years in the fashion industry. What sort of jobs did you do before this?

A: I have now been in the fashion industry for almost 18 years (my gosh, time flies!). Prior to opening Posh, I held varying positions in the industry including: merchandising, design assistance, wholesale, stock clerks, assistant buyer, floor manager, and personal stylist.

Q: What made you decide to open up your own boutique?

A: I’ve always aspired to open my own boutique one day but I also knew that I wanted to experience all areas of the industry and gain all the knowledge and exposure that I would need to run a successful store. When I finally felt confident, I took the leap of faith to open Posh Collections

Q: What types of charity related events has the store taken part in or run?

A: Posh Collections, on a weekly basis, donates a significant amount of merchandise to a multitude of varying causes. We are always eager and happy to support great causes. In addition, every October we participate in the “Best of Malvern” fashion show where all proceeds that we generate go to Paoli Hospital Cancer Center.

Newly renovated Posh Collections, (Photo Credit: Campli Photography)

Newly renovated Posh Collections, (Photo Credit: Campli Photography)

Q: Do you have any future plans for the store that relate to charity?

A: Posh Collections will always continue to support charities with donations of every kind.

Q: Why is it important to you to have items for women with different body types?

A: Diversifying our product mix and fits is always crucial to expand our clientele. It is so important to myself and Posh’s staff to cater to each client individually and assist them in feeling great about their bodies and self-confident. We have a great staff of women that have an amazing eye on knowing what will work for all body types.

Q: What types of body issues do women come to you with when looking for or trying on items in the store?

A: After spending many years in this business, I know that EVERY woman has a concern of some kind. There is such a wide variety of concerns, but we often see most frequently women that are belly conscience, they may feel bottom heavy, too busty, etc. We have worked with many women that often want to hide a scar.

Q: Do you have any advice for women with body issues and the choices that they make with fashion?

A: My advice would be that while selecting certain silhouettes are important to accommodate any body concerns, ultimately it is about feeling comfortable and confident in what you wear.

Posh Collections Necklace, (Photo Credit: Posh Collections)

Posh Collections Necklace, (Photo Credit: Posh Collections)

Q: Why did you choose Malvern for the location of your store?

A: I actually looked at many different towns and store sizes along the Main Line for potential Posh locations but after finding our charming quaint town of Malvern, my search was complete. It felt right. In addition, after completing demographic research I knew that Malvern could sustain Posh and had a void to be filled there.

Q: What are your favorite brands that you sell at Posh?

A: I love all of the designers that we carry at Posh. Each of them were selected with thought and reason so that our product mix was fluid and made sense to our client base. Each of our vendors, while they “hang” well together, also cater to different women with their own unique aesthetic. Personally, my two favorite designers that I wear most often are Trina Turk and Diane von Furstenberg for their ability to be contemporary and polished, while not being contrived.

Q: How do you go about choosing items to sell at Posh? Do you have a process that you go through each season?

A: I always tell inquiring minds that it is like putting together an intricate puzzle. I always extensively pour over compiling new collections. There is always so much to consider; color stories, merchandising plans, ratio of tops to bottoms, best-selling silhouettes, introducing novelty items each season while balancing it with the tried and true, seasonal and holiday elements, etc.

Q: What are your favorite Fall trends?

A: I love the plethora of animal prints that have been introduced in varying ways- sometimes with a just a touch of snake or leopard for the fashion novice and sometimes with a bold all over cheetah print for the fashionista. I am also adoring the leather trend that has been going strong from last Fall- women always love a beautiful leather!  My newest love is the rise in pony and calf hair accessories!

Posh Collections, (Photo Credit: Posh Collections)

Posh Collections, (Photo Credit: Posh Collections)

Q: What is your personal favorite fashion item that you own?

A: This question is impossible to answer!! My dressing each day varies on mood, ease of the days activities, and practicality mixed with the desire to be put together.  The best way to answer your question would be to say that I am an absolute belt lover! I almost always am wearing a belt every single day. Whether it be high-waisted or low-waisted, petite and skinny, bold and statement enticing, python, suede or leopard…I love them all!

Q: You have some beautiful jewelry in the store, how do you go about choosing such individual pieces?

A: Finding complimenting accessories to pair with ensembles in our store is so important to me personally but also to our client base that looks to us for those special pieces that they don’t see everywhere.  Again, I consider what the industry is doing on the apparel side and what works best with the story we have created in the store for that season. Instinctually, I go to what I love and what I believe in when selecting jewelry.

Q: What are some of your favorite new features at Posh?

A: Like the fashion industry, interior aesthetics evolve and change often.  I felt like it was just time for Posh’s face lift, to tweak things and give it a more luxurious and contemporary spin. I am so pleased with the result, and we are loving our clients’ reactions to the makeover!

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