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Alicia Lawrence was born and raised in Alaska, and has traveled around the world seeking adventure. She’s ridden in a dog sled, climbed over the Roman ruins, got lost in Venice, sang on the Swiss Alps, built a house in Mexico, walked over volcanos in Hawaii, and visited more museums then she can count.
Alicia graduated summa cum laude from Liberty University in 2012 with three degrees in public relations, broadcasting, and journalism. She’s volunteered for numerous non-profits, including Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center and Special Olympics Virginia. Her senior year she founded Forty-Eight, a charity film competition that brought together film students to help make promotional videos for local charities.
Alicia is a health enthusiast and writes for numerous blogs in the beauty and health genre. She also won Miss Alaska Sweetheart Sr. in high school and enjoys helping others not only look beautiful on the outside but also find their inner beauty.
After college, Alicia married her best friend and she currently works at a tech company as a content coordinator.

Five Nonprofit Jobs That Involve Travel

China Travel

Katrina spent a year in China teaching English while she volunteered at orphanages. Photo Credit: Katrina Whitecavage

Turn your next career into an opportunity to see the world. Unless you’re looking to travel for strictly business – often requiring long hours and not offering a chance to see much more than the inside of a foreign office – your best bet is to find a career with a global non-profit organization. The task may be simpler than it seems.

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are currently 1.5 million non-profit organizations in the United States. Also, because the pay tends to be a little lower, these jobs generally have less competition, meaning a better shot at landing a position.

The following professions offer your best chance to travel the globe for a non-profit organization while making money at the same time.

1. Teacher

I-TEC teaches the indigenous people of Namakim, Ecuador how to give an eye exam to fit their people for glasses. Photo Credit: I-TEC

I-TEC teaches the indigenous people of Namakim, Ecuador how to give an eye exam to fit their people for glasses. Photo Credit: I-TEC

One of the largest needs of many non-profit organizations are teachers – those who are able to teach English to speakers of other languages – whether licensed or not. Other teaching needs include those able to teach seminars on hygiene, to provide education to children and to provide teaching on professional development for adults in developing nations. For example, I-TEC is a great non-profit organization that sends people out to teach indigenous people how to give basic health exams.

If you have a desire to help others – on any level, in any area – learn and want to look into ways to learn about other countries, then working as a contracted teacher for a non-profit organization could be a great fit.

2. Video Production Specialist 

Charities and non-profit organizations require donations in many cases to financially maintain the business aspects of their operations. However, because of the current state of the global economy, especially here in the United States, donations can be hard to come by unless donors feel connected to the non-profits that they support.

The solution? Letting donors see where their money is going. Professionals involved in video production are in high demand. That’s right, you could be paid to travel the globe and to capture the experience on film and photography. Video producers are a common need for non-profit organizations.

3. Program Director

For non-profit organizations with operations overseas, organization and vision are critical for success. In many cases, they have a variety of programs going on concurrently, with different objectives and markets for each one. Because of this, program directors are more valuable than any other professionals in many non-profit situations.

As a program director, you’ll have to see the programs you’ll be directing; this means you’ll have to travel. In these situations, you’ll be able to interact with both professionals and locals. You’ll learn about the culture of the countries you visit and you’ll have a chance to take in the local sites.

4. Infrastructure Support Person

As an IT or operations manager, you are able to contribute real, bottom-line value to the infrastructure of any organization. This is equally true of non-profit organizations.

When new field offices are created, IT and operations professionals and managers are needed to go to the locations to get things set up and running. In many cases, these professionals precede the rest of the team. This allows for plenty of time for exploration. It’s a great way to see the world.

5. PR Director or Specialist

Much like video production specialists, public relations professionals are needed to carry the message of non-profit organizations back to those who support the organization through donations.

PR professionals are skilled in content development and messaging. As such, they need to understand the cultures they’re writing about. For this function, travel is often required.

Additionally, especially with the volatile situations in certain regions of the world, those skilled in crisis management – generally a duty of public relations directors – are needed when emergency situations occur. These professionals are relied upon to manage the crises while ensuring order on the ground and sending proper messages to those back in the states. Public relations professionals are a desperate need for many non-profit organizations. Keep in mind, though, public relations professionals need to go through a degree program to get the proper knowledge for this position.

This is just a short list of non-profit positions that offer professionals a chance to see the world; virtually any skilled individual can find a way to travel, while supporting charitable organizations in a professional role. If travel is a passion that you just can’t shake, but you want to find a way to earn a living while giving back, look into non-profit organizations and the positions they offer. You might be surprised.

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