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Rob Mondavi, Jr. Creates ONEHOPE Wine: 50 Percent Of Every Bottle Goes To Charity

Giuliana Rancic and ONEHOPE Wine

Giuliana Rancic and ONEHOPE Wine (Photo Credit: onehopeathome.wordpress.com)

ONEHOPE is a social enterprise that connects charitable causes with products and services. Rob Mondavi, Jr., president at Folio Fine Wine Partners, partnered with ONEHOPE to offer an award-winning wine portfolio. One half of every bottle sold goes to selected charity. Celebrities like Will Smith, Darius Rucker and Giuliana Rancic have all been associated with this positive brand.

The enterprise was first inspired by one person’s personal mission to help a friend with her fight against cancer. Since then, the enterprise has evolved into a thriving business that follows the principle of “giving back is good business.” In 2007, eight founders created ONEHOPE Wine, with the goal of selling a quality wine that would enable them to donate to worthy causes all year round.

ONEHOPE Wine - Advertisement

Photo Credit: onehopewine.com

In the past five years, ONEHOPE Wine has expanded into a variety of markets across the country. It is now available nationwide in hundreds of hotels, restaurants, bars and retail stores including Whole Foods, Destination Hotels and Resorts, Fleming’s and many more. The organization has raised over $1 million for a range of nonprofit organizations. Such organizations include breast cancer prevention and treatment, pediatric AIDS prevention and treatment, Autism research and treatment, US forest preservation and protection, and ending childhood hunger.

ONEHOPE Wine - Breast Cancer Awareness

Photo Credit: onehopewine.com

ONEHOPE Wine’s portfolio include 23 California wines of 10 varietals (15 reds, 5 whites and 3 sparkling). Each wine donates to one of 13 different cause, such as Provide Clean Water, Supporting Children with Disabilities and Supporting our Planet. Price range per bottle varies from $18.99 to $60. Gift baskets, gift sets and clothing are also available for purchase. If you regularly purchase wine, join the ONEHOPE Wine Club for extra perks.

If you are providing the wine at your next event, order ONEHOPE Wine to support your favorite cause. Or consider giving a bottle to each of your guests as a wedding or party favor!

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