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Lisa Beth Miller is the Entertaining & Weddings Editor for Miss A. She has been involved in the wedding industry for several years. Lisa is a bridal consultant and director of marketing and public relations for Blush Bridal Boutique and an event designer at Main Street Weddings, both local wedding businesses. In this capacity, Lisa writes the blog, website copy, and promotional materials for these businesses and assists with event planning. She was formerly a bridal consultant and did marketing and public relations work for A Formal Affair Bridal and Formalwear Boutique and was the creator of their Bridal University workshops. Additionally, Lisa teaches English, journalism, and photojournalism classes at Liberty High School in Bealeton, Virginia. She advises the school's award-winning publications, Talon yearbook and Patriot Press newspaper. As junior class sponsor, she also assists in planning Liberty's prom. Lisa has written several published articles. These include an article about advising student publications for Accents (Southern Interscholastic Press Association’s journal),an article about the royal wedding for Northern Virginia Magazine, an article about local proms for Warrenton Lifestyle magazine, and four stories about wedding planning and wedding fashion for the 2012 Northern Virginia Bridal Guide. Lisa holds an undergraduate degree in English and journalism education from Millersville University of Pennsylvania and a graduate degree in education and library science from Longwood University.

Manicure Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Wedding season is in full-bloom and bridal parties everywhere are scrambling to get everything prepared for the big day. For all the beautiful brides-to-be and bridesmaids trying to figure out how to jazz up their nails for the wedding, Nail Trends and Care Expert Katie Saxton has them covered!

Photo credit: nailartpretties.com.

Photo credit: nailartpretties.com.

Katie Saxton is a nail beauty and health expert and founder of Custom Nail Solutions. The Custom Nail Solutions Nail System provides a perfect canvas for the bridal party nail designs below. It is a revolutionary artificial nail product which gives you reusable and chemical-free custom nails that uniquely fit only your nail beds. They are thinner, stronger, and virtually indestructible. You can have lovely, natural-looking salon-style nails on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home.  Here are some of Katie’s top wedding nail ideas!

Photo credit: shinynails.com.

Photo credit: shinynails.com.

1.    Elegant “I Do” Mani: You can never go wrong with white, gold, or silver on the big wedding day! Paint your nails any or all of these colors to wow the crowd at the ceremony! Choose a solid coat of sparkly gold, shimmery silver, or white, or wear all of these hues, one on each nail.

2.    Diagonal Pop-Of-Dress-Color Mani: This is a fab and fun manicure for all the bridesmaids! To do this classy design, choose a polish in the same hue as the bridesmaid dresses. Stick a piece of tape diagonally across each of your nails and paint the tips with the colored polish, then remove the tape while the polish is still wet. After the tips dry, add a clear topcoat to each nail. The nails will all have diagonal tips that match the bridesmaid dresses. Brides can also do this design, as long as they choose white, gold, or silver nail polish for the tips. This lovely manicure will add an extra touch of cohesion and beauty to the bridal party!

Photo credit: shinynails.com.

Photo credit: shinynails.com.

3.    Bridal Accent Nails: The accent nail is such a huge trend and this look is perfect for the bride and bridesmaids! For the bridesmaids: paint all of your nails white, leaving the ring finger nail free of any polish. Then paint the “accent” ring finger nails with polish in the same hue as the bridesmaid dress. For the bride: make sure to have white polish, gold polish, nail glue, and one large clear “diamond” jewel on hand. Paint all of the nails white except for the right ring finger nail and let dry, then add a coat of clear polish to the left hand’s nails. Using a toothpick, paint a wide oval gold “wedding band” on the left “accent” ring finger nail. Let dry, then glue the “diamond” nail jewel at the top of the gold wedding band. On the right hand, paint a coat of gold polish on the ring finger nail. Add a clear topcoat to all of the right hand nails to complete the look.

Photo credit: whiteme.net..

Photo credit: whiteme.net.

4.    Classy Caviar Nails: Caviar nails exude classiness and style and this look is perfect for the whole bridal party! For the bridesmaids: make sure to have polish in the same hue as your bridesmaid dress on-hand, as well as a jar of microbeads in the same color. Pour the microbeads in a bowl, then paint your nails with a coat of the colored polish and let dry. Paint one more coat of the polish to each nail, and, while the polish is still wet, hold your hand over a tray and pour the colored microbeads on each nail. Gently pat the microbeads so they stick to the wet polish and let dry.

For the bride: make sure you have white polish, a jar of white microbeads, a jar of silver microbeads, and a jar of gold microbeads. Pour equal amounts of each jar of microbeads into a bowl and mix together. Then, paint one hand’s nails with a coat of white polish and let dry. Add one more coat of white to each nail and, while the polish is wet, hold your hand over a tray and pour the white, gold, and silver microbeads on each nail. Gently pat the microbeads so they stick to the wet polish and let dry. Repeat the process with the other hand. Now the bridal party’s nails are ready for the big day!

5.    Wedding Tape Mani: This wedding day manicure will definitely wow the audience! For the bridesmaids: paint your nails in the same hue as your bridesmaid dress. For the brides-to-be, paint your nails either shimmery silver or gold. Take thin pieces of tape and place them on the first nail in a geometric pattern. Paint over the nail and tape strips with a coat of white polish and, while the polish is still wet, remove the tape strips. Let dry then add a clear topcoat. Do this process for the rest of the nails, and voilà! A fabulous wedding day mani that sure to turn heads at the ceremony and reception!

6.    Bride’s Veil Stamped Mani: Pulling back the bride’s veil is a staple part of every wedding. Celebrate this tradition with an elegant Bride’s Veil Stamped mani! Before you do this design, make sure you have gold polish, white polish, clear topcoat, and a nail stamp kit with a lace stamping plate on hand. We like the Nail Art Stamping Set by Shany Cosmetics. Paint your nails gold and let dry, then place white polish over the lace design on the stamping plate, and use the nail kit’s scraper to rid the plate of excess polish. While the white polish is still wet, place the stamper over the plate so the lace design transfers, then press the stamper down on the nail. Do this until each nail is adorned with a lovely white lace design against a gold background. Finish the look by adding a clear topcoat to each nail.

7.    Wedding Day Water Marble Mani: An elegant white, gold, and silver water marble mani is perfect for the whole bridal party! To do this intricate and eye-catching design, start off with a cup of room temperature water, a bottle of white polish, a bottle of silver polish, and a bottle of gold polish, as well as tape and several toothpicks. Place tape around the edge of the first nail, covering the cuticles. Add two drops of white to the water and let spread, then a drop of gold polish in the middle of the white polish, and add one more drop of silver in the middle of the gold. Then, take a toothpick and drag the edges of the polish to the center of the circle. Press your nail into the design, use a toothpick to scrape excess polish away from the edges of the nail, and take the nail out of the water. Then remove the tape and let dry. Use a toothpick to clear the polish from the top of the water, and repeat the process with the rest of the nails. The end result: a lovely wedding-day mani that will be the talk of the ceremony!

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