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Jessica Peace-Urgelles is the Outreach Director for Miss A. She first and foremost, a mom to a very handsome and intelligent little boy and a frenchie named Escobar. She is addicted to social good and connecting people to charitable causes.

She grew up in the hills of southeastern Kentucky, and loves all things related to the Bluegrass State. They take pride in horses, basketball, and bourbon, but she likes porch swings and sweet tea too! She is torn between her love of cowboy boots and designer heels, and is always wearing at least one strand of pearls. Her heart is equally content enjoying a night out in the city or a weekend away getting dirty on the farm. She has a thick southern accent and is notorious for using it to her advantage. Her competing interests led her to write her blog, Blog of a Bluegrass Belle about growing up Southern, people dear to herheart, and herlove of various causes.

She is a member of the Bluegrass Junior Womans Club. BJWC is a non-profit whose focus is helping underprivileged women, children, and families in central Kentucky. Her work with BJWC led her to the United Nations Foundation Shot@Life campaign where she became a Champion and passionate advocate. She believes every child deserves a shot at a healthy life through global vaccine access.

Blogust: Walgreens Teams Up With United Nations Foundation Shot@Life Campaign To Help 50,000 Children


Photo Credit: Shot@Life

Did you ever question if your comments on a topic really counted?  Walgreens would like to give you a shot at making all your comments on the Blogust blog roll count.  The United Nations Foundation Shot@Life campaign is dedicated to advocating for potentially life saving vaccine access to children who need them the most.  Blogust 2013 features 31 bloggers, telling 31 stories.  Walgreens has generously offered to donate up to 50,000 vaccines to children in need through the United Nations Foundation Shot@Life campaign.  Every time someone comments on a Blogust blog post, they will donate one vaccine.  Could it be any easier?

Blogust 2012 surpassed their goal of 10,000 comments and helped to provide potentially life saving vaccines to 10,000 children.  They have a much loftier but achievable goal of 50,000 vaccines.

The 2013 Blogust Blog roll includes:

Rebecca Woolf                                     Girl’s Gone Child
Casey Mullins                                       Mooshinindy
Sili Recio                                               My Mamihood
Dresden Shumaker                             Creating Motherhood
Amanda Peet and David Benioff      Motherhood Transcends Borders
Polly Pagenhart                                   Lesbian Dad
Jessica Ashley                                      Sassafras
Rachel Faucett                                     Handmade Charlotte
Amy Lupold Bair                                 Resourceful Mommy
Sheila Dowd                                         Xiaolin Mama
Ellen Seidman                                     Love That Max
Fred Goodall                                        Mocha Dad
Shannon Des Roches Rosa               Squidalicious
Denene Milner                                    My Brown Baby
Carmen Stacier                                   Mom To The Screaming Masses
Tanis Miller                                   Tanis Miller
Migdalia                                         Latina on a Mission
Lamar and Ronnie Tyler            Black and Married with Kids
Guy Kawasaki                               Guy Kawasaki
Jill Nystul                                      One Good Thing By Jillee
Chloe Jeffreys                               Chloe of the Mountain
Jeffery Sass                                   Dadomatic
Darryle Pollack                            Whoa
Lucrecer Braxton                        Lucrecer
Caryn Payzant                             The Midlife Guru
Kelly Wickham                            Mochamomma
Kristen Howerton                      Rage Against the Minivan
Sharon Couto                              Mom Generations
Audrey McClelland                     Mom Generations



Amanda Peet
Photo Credit: Self Magazine


Those bloggers have graciously donated their time and web space.  You can make your comments count.  Please visit Blogust.org every day and share your comment on the post of the day.  You can help save the life of a child with just a few seconds of your time and a few clicks of your keyboard.  They aren’t asking you for donations, Walgreens is willing to do that for you.  You can follow the hashtag #blogust.   Tweet this article or share with your Facebook friends, you could help change the life of a child.


Guy Kawasaki
Photo Credit: Guy Kawasaki

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