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Born and raised in Dallas, Kristi Anderson graduated from University of Texas Dallas with a B.A. in Psychology. She is creative and has a passion for charity, volunteering to plan multiple charity galas and events. She works in Marketing and Advertising and can be found exploring new Dallas restaurants, boutiques and the music scene.

Recap: Book Signing With Justin Bieber’s Mother Pattie Mallette At Barnes & Noble In Plano, TX

pattie mallette

The Barnes and Noble in Plano TX  on Wednesday July 17, was not the normal, quiet, subdued bookstore, for none other than Pattie Mallette, also known as Justin Bieber‘s mother, was there to sign her newly released book, Nowhere but Up Teen Edition. Her publication depicts her journey through past battles with depression, abandonment and abuse.

Unless you live under a rock, chances are you know that Justin Bieber is a worldwide phenomenon, especially in the eyes of teenage girls, so I certainly was expecting a crowd upon my arrival. The Barnes and Noble staff made it look easy as they had the fans carefully lined up along each of the different sections within the bookstore. After speaking to a number of the different young ladies, I became aware that most of them were there to get that much closer to Justin Bieber. When Pattie arrived, and the crowd caught sight of her, one would have thought Justin himself had arrived as well, as the screaming and “Pattie I love you!!” echoed across the entire building.


Hugs from Pattie (Photo Credit: Kristi Anderson)

As the line formed and each fan got their turn, Pattie took one photo with each fan, gave them a hug, then signed their copy of her book. Some fans just hugged her and went on their way. Most though were not able to hold back tears, some gave her a gift, whether it was a bouquet of flowers or a friendship bracelet; I even saw one fan give her an entire photo album. The gift giving reached further, however, as some fans gave her gifts to give to her “baby” Justin. After one girl was exiting, she tearfully told me, “I hope Justin gets my gift I just gave her and likes it.” I smiled at her and told her I’m sure he will. A handful of the girls not only cried, but cried hysterically when they reached Pattie as they expressed their gratitude for her book they claimed helped them through their same struggles. A very touching part of the event indeed.


Photo opportunity with Justin Bieber’s mom
(Photo Credit: Kristi Anderson)

I enjoyed meeting Pattie myself. And even though I was sans a bouquet of flowers, she was still warm and inviting. Although she was not able to answer the questions I came prepped with, it became apparent to me why all these fans felt comfortable with her. I would recommend her new book, for Pattie has seemingly touched many fans’ lives telling her story. I saw that with my own eyes.


Pattie signing her book for fans
(Photo Credit: Kristi Anderson)

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