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Lisa Beth Miller is the Entertaining & Weddings Editor for Miss A. She has been involved in the wedding industry for several years. Lisa is a bridal consultant and director of marketing and public relations for Blush Bridal Boutique and an event designer at Main Street Weddings, both local wedding businesses. In this capacity, Lisa writes the blog, website copy, and promotional materials for these businesses and assists with event planning. She was formerly a bridal consultant and did marketing and public relations work for A Formal Affair Bridal and Formalwear Boutique and was the creator of their Bridal University workshops. Additionally, Lisa teaches English, journalism, and photojournalism classes at Liberty High School in Bealeton, Virginia. She advises the school's award-winning publications, Talon yearbook and Patriot Press newspaper. As junior class sponsor, she also assists in planning Liberty's prom. Lisa has written several published articles. These include an article about advising student publications for Accents (Southern Interscholastic Press Association’s journal),an article about the royal wedding for Northern Virginia Magazine, an article about local proms for Warrenton Lifestyle magazine, and four stories about wedding planning and wedding fashion for the 2012 Northern Virginia Bridal Guide. Lisa holds an undergraduate degree in English and journalism education from Millersville University of Pennsylvania and a graduate degree in education and library science from Longwood University.

How To Stay Calm During The Stress Of Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be super-stressful! Everyone offers advice regarding the event details, but few experts take the time to offer stressed-out brides advice for caring for themselves throughout the wedding planning process.

lyndelle palmer clarke

Lyndelle Palmer Clarke

Lyndelle Palmer Clarke is a personal growth expert and the author and creator of the Dailygreatness Training Journal: 12 Weeks to a Rocking Fit Body & Mind. She talked to me about techniques that brides can use to stay calm and to keep things in perspective as they plan one of the biggest events of their lives. She has put these ideas into practice herself, as she is currently planning her own wedding! Here is my interview with Lyndelle!

Q. How have you personally managed your mindset and stayed grounded and grateful while planning what could be the biggest day of your life?

A. Planning a wedding is so much bigger than I realized. It’s huge for many reasons. We’re getting married in Koh Samui so the logistics of planning a destination wedding has meant that there’s a lot more to think about and a maybe a little extra pressure with guests traveling from all over the world. The commitment I’m making to my partner is huge and something I don’t take lightly, nor do I want it to get lost in our wedding day plans. To stay grounded, I’m conscious of not getting too attached to certain outcomes and to let go of disappoints quickly. If I feel stressed or disappointed about something, I like to grab my gratitude journal and list five things I’m grateful for in that moment and immediately I feel lighter. It’s easy to get caught up and even grumpy if something isn’t going your way, but there’s no point looking beautiful on your wedding day if your inner world is a mess. Your wedding is not just your wedding day, it’s the whole journey from the moment you get engaged all the way up to your honeymoon — then your marriage begins. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the details of your big day, but when you’re in gratitude, it brings a new quality to your relationship with your partner and everyone involved in the wedding. You don’t want to be bridezilla, you want to create happy memories of the whole experience. Keeping things in perspective by being grateful is really important so you can look back on your wedding journey as a really joyful and happy time.

Q. How did you respond to stressful people and situations as you planned your wedding? 

A. Wanting to make sure your wedding goes off perfectly is every bride’s wish. Our wedding is something we dream about, so of course we want it to be perfect. If I find myself getting carried away with needing everything my way or I’m feeling stressed, I usually start with three big, deep breaths and remind myself that nothing is more important than the fact that I’m marrying a beautiful man who is also my best friend. If others are creating stress around me, I try to recognize it early and make a conscious choice to stay in my power and not join them in their drama. It’s not always easy to do, but staying calm, centered and in the present moment, no matter what is happening around you, is a valuable skill to have, especially on your wedding day.

Photo credit: http://www.dailygreatness.co/

Photo Credit: dailygreatness.co

Q. Did you utilize a specific practical and holistic training plan for looking your best on your wedding day? What was it?

A. I believe looking your best for your wedding day is more than just your appearance. It’s your attitude, your mindset and how relaxed and present you can be for your partner and your guests.

As the author of the Dailygreatness Training Journal: 12 Weeks to a Rocking Fit Body & Mind, this is my secret weapon! It’s a holistic training plan for women that coaches you to train your body and manage your mindset. It’s a guided journal that focuses on your diet, your exercise, your water intake, your fitness goals and your mindset for 12 weeks. It even has an appointment planner so you can plan your last minute wedding details if you need to.

I’m on my second round of the journal with one month to my wedding, and I’ve been reaching my fitness goals and feeling better than ever. I didn’t create the Dailygreatness Training Journal with brides in mind, but I have to say, as a bride-to-be, it’s a perfect “Get Rocking Fit Before Your Wedding Day” planner!

Q. How can brides stop obsessing about looking skinny and instead focus on shining their light? Why is this important?

A. A beautiful dress, a gorgeous venue, great make-up and hair can never cover up a bride who is feeling insecure.

We need to let go of trying to look skinny and instead focus on being fit. Your wedding is your special day to shine your light and to be the girl of his dreams — the whole package. Being fit is a healthy body and a healthy mind — it’s holistic. When you’re fit, you naturally shine your light because you feel good and you have a great energy. Fit doesn’t always equal skinny. Being fit is a byproduct of loving your body, eating healthy foods, exercising and thinking healthy thoughts — that’s what it means to shine your light and I believe, that is the best wedding gift you can give to your partner.

Q. Can you offer simple daily steps that brides can apply to their lives to enjoy the journey of planning a wedding?

A. 1. Wake up early and meditate — meditation reduces stress, calms your mind and helps you focus.
2. Write in your gratitude journal — it keeps you grounded, grateful and enjoying the journey.
3. Drink lots of water — being well hydrated gives you glowing skin, reduces water retention and flattens your tummy!
4. Train or do yoga everyday — exercise reduces stress and elevates your energy so you’ll be radiant all the way up to your wedding day.
5. Live in the moment — don’t get caught up in dramas — be cool not cantankerous.
6. Just breathe — sometimes all we need to feel more grounded and in control is to do some conscious breathing. Don’t underestimate the power of a few good deep breaths.
7. Focus on the real reason for your party — a celebration of love between you and your partner. This blows away any pettiness and keeps things in perspective.

Thank you so much for talking to me, Lyndelle! This was fabulous!

Lyndelle Palmer Clarke is the author and creator of the Dailygreatness Training Journal: 12 Weeks to a Rocking Fit Body & Mind available at dailygreatness.co

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