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Susan and her husband split their time between a small town just north of San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. She has a struggling vegetable garden, shelves bulging with cookbooks, and thousands of clippings of food ideas and recipes torn from magazines and newspapers over the years. Armed with all this, and her culinary school education from Tante Marie in San Francisco, she has been moving her diet to one that is semi-vegetarian, while her husband remains a determined carnivore. One thing both Susan and her husband agree on, however, is dessert.
Susan has taught cooking in kitchens of local farmhouses to support the Marin Agricultural Land Trust, and has served on the Board for the San Francisco Professional Food Society. She has also won a number of national recipe development contests.

Corporate Philanthropy: Alternative Baking Company

The Alternative Baking Company logo

Official Logo (Photo Credit: The Alternative Baking Company)

We recently ran across some great vegan cookies here at Ask Miss A, made by the Alternative Baking Company in Sacramento, California. Their generously sized cookies contain no dairy, eggs, trans fats, hydrogenated oils, cholesterol, animal ingredients, artificial ingredients, or refined sugar, but are still moist and decadently chewy-cake-like, tasting like my favorite traditional cookies.

Chocolate Decadence Cookie

(Photo Credit: The Alternative Baking Company)

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to less-than-perfect cookies, Alternative Baking donates up to 1,000 cookies a month to local food banks in Sacramento and other organizations that support eating vegan, or helping animals, the environment, or children. One of their favorite causes is the Farm Sanctuary, a rescue organization sited on three separate expansive plots of land in Northern California outside Sacramento, in Southern California, and upstate New York. Through donations, the Farm Sanctuary provides life-long care for hundreds of animals rescued from stockyards, factory farms, and slaughterhouses. The Alternative Baking Company donates cookies to Farm Sanctuary (and other animal shelter groups) for their volunteers and for guests on tour days.

Apple Pie with Raisins Muffin Cookie

(Photo Credit: The Alternative Baking Company)

So next time you’re looking for a decadent cookie that’s good for you and for giving back, pick up a cookie from the Alternative Baking Company. They have a gluten-free line and offer thicker muffin cookies too, giving you a wide variety to choose from.

And as a bonus, you won’t have to drive all over town using up gasoline to find them; they’re available in most grocery stores.




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