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Stylish And Affordable Flip Flops For Summer 2013

Cleopatra made them popular. Jimmy Buffet is a huge fan. Dating back to 4,000 B.C., a well-known and loved onomatopoeia, the flip-flop has been a part of wardrobes around the globe since the beginning of the human race as we know it. A style that was once was created from woven grasses and straw are now found in high-end shops with price tags in the hundreds. Quite the evolution for shoes with little change to overall design. What do your shoes say about you? We’ve got a variety for you that will get you steppin’ in the right direction.

Girl from Ipanema

Want to look like a swimsuit model?  It’s easy.  All you have to do is slip on a pair of flops from Brazilian company, Ipanema.  Known for their innovative and creative design, Ipanema’s Neo Mix shoe gives what you need for this time of year: bright summer colors, comfortable design and unique style all its own. The runways of Miami will be flooded with Ipanema shoes this week, as they are an official sponsor of  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week which starts today. See. Told you you’d look like a swimsuit model.

Neo Mix Shoe by Ipanema $23  (Photo Credit: DNA Footwear)

Neo Mix Shoe by Ipanema $23 (Photo Credit: DNA Footwear)

Cheap Tricks

You’ve got wild hair. You’re blowing off your prior obligations (or job) and heading to a sun and water destination for some much needed summer lovin’ therapy. But during your “leave it all behind” mentality, you actually left something behind. Your flip-flops.  Don’t fret, pretty girl.  Just scoop up a pair up at your nearest Walgreens. A convenient destination to get some inexpensive shoes that fill the need. No, these won’t last forever (nothing ever does), but your momentary prayers are answered for under five bucks and you’re on your way. Plus, it gives you a chance to get something else you forgot. Sunscreen!

Basic Flip Flop by Studio 35  $2.99  (Photo Credit:  Walgreens)

Flip-Flops by Studio 35 $2.99 (Photo Credit: Walgreens)

Marco Polo

So you’re loungin’ at “da club,” the country club that is, and you’re in need of some footwear to match your perfectly pressed golf shirt or eyelet skirt. Who you gonna call? The master and inventor-of-sorts of country club chic, Ralph Lauren.  Available at Macy’s, the Edison-style flip-flops by Lauren Ralph Lauren are an easy go to.  Soft leather soles with the classic stripe is a signature look that pretty much goes with anything of the preppy nature. Including your lunch – a club sandwich and iced tea.

Edison Flip-Flops by Lauren Ralph Lauren at Macy's  $29.99  (Photo Credit:  Macy's)

Edison Flip-Flops by Lauren Ralph Lauren at Macy’s $29.99 (Photo Credit: Macy’s)

Things That Make You Go, “OM”

These shoes feel so good on your feet, they will help you harness you Chi all day long. Made from recycled yoga mats, Sanuk brings you a shoe that puts comfort first. Cushy bottoms (Hello! Yoga mats!) and wide straps help you put your best foot forward. And the dudes and dudettes at R.E.I. are known to provide the top products for adventurers and comfort seekers everywhere.  Go on.  Take the first step.  Your Chi is waiting.

Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip-Flops at R.E.I. $30 (Photo Credit: R.E.I.)

Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip-Flops at R.E.I. $30 (Photo Credit: R.E.I.)

Dr. Feel Good

Feelgoodz is a company that you can, well, feel good about.  Made from all natural ingredients, the natural rubber sole and hemp straps are super comfortable and super biodegradable.  As in 100 percent eco-friendly.  You could eat them if you wanted. Even better and very fitting, you can find them at your local Whole Foods. Which is convenient when you are so hungry you could eat your shoe.

SoftStrapz in Citrus by Feelgoodz  $27.99  (Photo Credit: Feelgoodz)

SoftStrapz in Citrus by Feelgoodz $27.99 (Photo Credit: Feelgoodz)

Indian Summer

Minnetonka rules when it comes to hand-making awesomely free-spirited shoes. Since 1946, the family owned and run company of Minnetonka has kept Americans well footed with various styles from classic moccasins, fringe booties, wedges and flip-flop varieties. Here is a lovely little pair that you can find at DSW. That means you can wear Minnetonka’s in every season!  That’s something we (rain) dance about.

Marin Thong Sandal by Minnetonka at Macy's  $59  (Photo Credit: Macy's)

Marin Thong Sandal by Minnetonka at Macy’s $59.95 (Photo Credit: DSW)

 Stud Muffin

Water, water everywhere.  You’re gonna get wet.  But you don’t have to worry about ruining these shoes.  Easily cleaned from sand (or ground stuff that finds it way on to your feet from getting caught in the romantic summer rain storms), Mad Love comes to the rescue.  Available at Target, the stud detail and bright blue keep you on trend.  Flop on!

Mad Love Laine Flip-Flop in Blue at Target.  $14.99  (Photo Credit: Target)

Mad Love Laine Flip-Flop in Blue at Target. $14.99 (Photo Credit: Target)

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