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Tiffany Chin is the Denver Editor for Miss A. She was raised in Hong Kong, and has traveled extensively around the world. She currently calls Denver her home, and can be found exploring local restaurants, attending festivals & entertainment events, and shopping to fulfill her obsession with dresses. She has found Colorado to be one of the best states in the country, and loves that it provides everything she left back home. In her quiet time, she plays the piano, cooks, sews, writes poetry and visits the mountains from time to time.

Marco’s Coal-Fired Pizza In Denver

(photo credit: Tiffany Chin)

Photo Credit: Tiffany Chin

You haven’t had authentic Italian pizza until you’ve made your way to Marco’s Coal-Fired Pizzeria. Marco’s take their pizza creation more seriously than any other pizzeria in the Denver neighborhood.

To become a pizzeria that’s truly Italian is to meet and keep up with the requirements of Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN), a non-profit organization founded Naples whose mission is to promote and keep the traditions of a “true Neapolitan pizza“. This involves a vast amount of requirements including water quality, dome structure of an oven, specific flour for the pizza dough, certain type tomatoes imported from Italy (many of their ingredients are imported from Italy) and the list goes on.

(photo credit: Google Images)

Photo credit: Google Images

So as you see, Marco’s takes their pizza creation very seriously.

Service is also important at the pizzeria. They have a friendly staff who are incredibly knowledgeable in the history and requirements of becoming an AVPN-certified pizzeria.

If you’re curious on a few recommendations, here’s what Miss A Denver has to say:

Lemoncello Wings (photo credit: Tiffany Chin)

Lemoncello Wings (Photo Credit: Tiffany Chin)

Appetizer: Lemoncello Wings

At first bite, you know these wings are going to be your go-to appetizer or even the perfect meal. Like the restaurant, there’s a process to making these perfectly crisp wings. Starting with their own lemoncello mixture, the wings are soaked in the concoction for two days. When ready, the wings are made-to-order in an oven of over 1200 degrees where it bakes into a perfect crisp.

Entree: Pistachio Pizza

With a good number of pizza choices between authentic Italian pizza a.k.a. pizza napoletana or New York style pies, creativity is simple yet delectable at Marco’s and you can taste it in the Pistachio Pizza. No one would imagine pistachio and pizza could go together but everything about this pizza has the perfect blend of flavors. The pistachio cream is distinct enough but doesn’t overwhelm the perfectly textured dough, soft mozzarella and sweet Italian sausage. Their pizzas are a perfect size for one or order a couple to share if your party is ordering a couple of appetizers and desserts.

Nutella Stuffed Pizza (photo credit: Tiffany Chin)

Nutella Stuffed Pizza (Photo Credit: Tiffany Chin)

Dessert: Nutella-Stuffed Pizza

Nutella as part of the dessert? Sold. The Nutella-Stuffed Pizza is a very simple but incredibly irresistible dessert and it’s all in their dough. Once you have one, the next thing you’ll know, you’ve already eaten four.

Watching the creation of this dessert is quite “magical”. Starting with their perfectly kneaded dough, the base is baked in twenty seconds where it puff up into what looks like a giant sopapilla. After twenty seconds, the dough is left to cool on a plate for another ten seconds which is then sliced in half like a dinner roll making two layers. Nutella is then spread in between the layers, closed up and sprinkled with powdered sugar and cocoa.

In the words of many enthusiastic pizza lovers: “you have to try Marco’s Coal-Fired Pizzeria – it’s amazing!” And amazing it is. In fact, when you arrive for your reservation, you might hear the next table say “this is the best pizza (or wings) I’ve ever had,” which echoes through the next table and the next and the next…

The design is classy with a friendly feel. Decorated with brick walls, fun light fixtures and an open kitchen, you’ll find families, couples, friends and coworkers gathered together for dinner. The restaurant becomes quite lively on a weekday night between 6 – 8 so one can only imagine how busy it gets during the weekends. Make a reservation now and see what Marco’s Coal-Fired Pizzeria is all about!

(photo credit: Tiffany Chin)

Photo Credit: Tiffany Chin

Marco’s Coal-Fired Pizzera

2129 Larimer St
Denver CO 80205
Ph: 303-296-7000

Sunday – Thursday: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Friday & Saturday: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

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