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Interview With Lancome National Makeup Artist Ricardo Costales

In the world of fashion there are many roles one can play. There are models, designers and wardrobe consultants. Then there are the hair stylists, the seamstresses and the makeup artists.  Every job is important, but the fact is somebody has to do the pretty and hard work of keeping faces fresh and in that case, you want that person to be Ricardo Costales.

Ricardo Costales

Ricardo Costales (Photo credit: Hope Thomas)

For 23 years, Costales has worked for Lancôme but he has been making women feel beautiful for a lot longer than that. His family is from Spain and before makeup, he created oil paintings and worked in his family’s beauty salons.  He got his big break after working with Miss Venezuela and Miss Universe.

The rest is history. I recently attended his event at Bloomingdale’s in Lenox Mall for Lancôme’s new line inspired by Albert Elbaz. This line is certainly one that will be a favorite of many. I sat down with Mr. Costales and this is what he had to say about his life and his love for being a makeup artist.


(Photo credit: Hope Thomas)

Q: Mr. Costales, it is very nice to meet you. I have to ask what influenced you to pursue your career as a makeup artist?
A: Some people use the right side of their brain more and some use the left. Being naturally artistic is just something that happened to me. I’m naturally creative.

Q: I definitely understand. I am the same way. I’m sure it must be hard to get into this business. How did you do it?
A: It was funny actually. I was on set to be in a Pepsodent toothpaste commercial. The makeup artist who was expected to be there did not come and so I told them I could do the makeup. So I ended up doing everyone’s makeup and I was in the commercial as well. That was it.

Q: That seems like a dream come true. I’m sure that it was inspiring to get that opportunity so what inspires you everyday to keep doing what you are doing?
A: Every season inspires me. Young people inspire me. They know how to put different combinations together and have fun with it. It’s exciting to watch the ideas roll out. You have to force something great that works for the collection placed in front of you.


(Photo credit: Hope Thomas)

Q: I love it! Now I know you must have worked with many celebrities over the years. Who would you say were your favorites?
A: I loved working with Kate Winslet, Anne Hathaway, Nadine Velazquez and Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann to name a few.

Q: What have been your greatest accomplishments to date other than being able to work with notable people in the industry?
A: I have worked with many models all over the world and at New York Fashion Week including the most recent one. I also competed in for the Golden Brush Award and won for the United States.

Q: That is amazing. Congrats! Now with all those accolades I know you have had many memorable experiences. Can you share one with me?
A: I recently had an event and met this woman who I will never forget. She let me do her makeup and after I was done, she let me know a little about her life. She had just come back from the doctor and was informed she had a terminal illness. She told me that for an hour she didn’t think about her situation and felt beautiful. It was priceless.

Q: Wow. That is intense. I know that felt great knowing you put a positive spin on her day. Now I know every woman wants to feel that way. Gorgeous regardless of what is going on. What are some beauty tips you can give our readers? Any new trends or styles you recommend?


(Photo credit: Hope Thomas)

A: Every season there is a trend. Bubble gum pink lipstick is it right now and any ethnicity can pull it off. It is a pink that makes you feel happy. Also remember before you put makeup on, the main piece of advice I have is to define what style you want to achieve in that moment. It’s hard to achieve the look without knowing what look you would like to accomplish for the day.

Q: That is good to know. I love bright pinks and I have a problem with that myself at times so thank you for those tips. What do you feel like is the most important tips for overall beauty?
A: Skin care. Skin care. If your skin is beautiful, you won’t need as much makeup. It’s that simple. Take good care of your skin everyday.

Q: Makes sense to me! Now to wrap up, I know our readers are wondering who are your favorite beauty icons?


Ricardo Costales with Lancome representatives. (Photo credit: Hope Thomas)


A: Raquel Welch, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Anniston, Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart are the ones that come to mind first. Different generations bring different angles of beauty and I appreciate them all.

Q: I agree! I thank you so much for sitting down with me before your event and I am sure it will be a great success.
A: No, thank you Hope, and I hope I could assist your readers with my tips and they should check for my events around the country for exclusive items from my line.

It was a great pleasure meeting with Mr. Costales and you can find out more about the new line by Lancôme by clicking here.


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