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Amanda Ivarra is a graduate of Texas A&M University. After graduating with a degree in Health, she moved to Austin and started working for a national non-profit organization. She spent 5 years coordinating community events and programs. After leaving the organization, she started to focus on her creative pursuits. Currently, she is working on developing her own jewelry line. Writing has always been a hobby for Amanda. For most of her life, she’s kept journals. It wasn’t until recently that she decided to take her writing public and began blogging and guest blogging. The one thing this girl can’t live without is music. Not really one to sing or play an instrument, she just loves music. Perhaps, it’s the songwriting that she admires so much or a good beat that she can dance to. Whether she’s attending a concert with friends, hanging out with the guys watching sports, volunteering in the community, hiking or visiting the newest places in town, Amanda lives to enjoy life. But, nothing brings more joy to her than being able to make someone smile or laugh!

Recap: GRAMMY® FUTURENOW At W Austin Hotel

One of my biggest rewards in life is the people that I meet.  Whether they’re supporting a cause or pursuing a career based on their talents, nothing pleases me more than to have them welcome me into their world and share their passion with me; to educate me about what it is that they feel called to do and to open my eyes to the challenges they face, but most of all, to leave me with hope that they will persevere.

What Has Technology Done For Me? featuring Joel Korpi, Lisa Martin-Louro, Patrick Dentler and Ed Bailey (Photo Credit: Amanda Ivarra)

What Has Technology Done For Me? featuring Joel Korpi, Lisa Martin-Louro, Patrick Dentler and Ed Bailey (Photo Credit: Amanda Ivarra)

GRAMMY® FUTURENOW was that opportunity for me to learn about the music industry from the music professionals themselves.  Hosted by The Recording Academy® Texas Chapter, the conference took place on Saturday, June 29, 2013 at the W Austin Hotel.  Attended by members of The Recording Academy®, discussions centered on music’s past, present and future with insightful and inspiring presentations by trail blazers, innovators and leaders in entertainment, business and technology.

The conference featured two keynote speakers and three panel discussions focused on the music business and review of the industry.  The conference welcomed Joel Katz, leader in the field of entertainment law and former Chairman of the American Bar Association’s Entertainment & Sports Law section, and Mike Knobloch, President of Film Music & Publishing for Universal Pictures, as keynote speakers.  Panel discussions included Micro Pennies From Heaven: The Battle Over Digital Revenue Streams Continues, Digital Revenue Streams Part II: The Next Great Copyright Act and What Has Technology Done For Me Lately?

Mike Knobloch (Photo Credit: Amanda Ivarra)

Mike Knobloch (Photo Credit: Amanda Ivarra)

No matter what role or title one holds in the music industry, everyone agrees that technology is quickly changing the music business and challenging the value of an artist.  As digital streaming increases, music royalties decline.  Micro Pennies From Heaven: The Battle Over Digital Revenue Streams Continues examined how artists and songwriters are making money from new media and explored the many complex issues within the digital marketplace.  The troubling news is that for many independent artists seeking to have their music on Internet radio sites, they would have to pay more than what they would be paid,  thus making it difficult to earn a significant profit from one of the most popular forms of music media.

But, my hope is that one who is called to create music never gets discouraged by what he cannot control.  That he never loses sight of what he is called to be.  That he always remains positive knowing that his reward will come at just the right time.  And when he is faced with obstacles and unjust situations, he will let faith and wisdom guide him.  My hope is that I will see everyone I met on this day succeed.

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