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Lisa Beth Miller is the Entertaining & Weddings Editor for Miss A. She has been involved in the wedding industry for several years. Lisa is a bridal consultant and director of marketing and public relations for Blush Bridal Boutique and an event designer at Main Street Weddings, both local wedding businesses. In this capacity, Lisa writes the blog, website copy, and promotional materials for these businesses and assists with event planning. She was formerly a bridal consultant and did marketing and public relations work for A Formal Affair Bridal and Formalwear Boutique and was the creator of their Bridal University workshops. Additionally, Lisa teaches English, journalism, and photojournalism classes at Liberty High School in Bealeton, Virginia. She advises the school's award-winning publications, Talon yearbook and Patriot Press newspaper. As junior class sponsor, she also assists in planning Liberty's prom. Lisa has written several published articles. These include an article about advising student publications for Accents (Southern Interscholastic Press Association’s journal),an article about the royal wedding for Northern Virginia Magazine, an article about local proms for Warrenton Lifestyle magazine, and four stories about wedding planning and wedding fashion for the 2012 Northern Virginia Bridal Guide. Lisa holds an undergraduate degree in English and journalism education from Millersville University of Pennsylvania and a graduate degree in education and library science from Longwood University.

Bliss And Bone: A New Concept In Upscale Wedding Design

Photo credit: Bliss and Bone.

(Photo credit: Bliss and Bone)

So you’re sitting there, the 6th wedding this summer, and it hits you. You have heard this music before. It might even be the same band. You have seen the same invitations with the little peacock design over and over again. Or was it a dragonfly? Does it really matter? Even the website seemed like déja vu. This could be anyone getting married. Two weeks from now nobody in this room will remember a thing besides the hangover they had.

And you turn to look at your fiancé and think “Not Us. Not This. No Way. Our wedding will be different, from the first piece of lovingly crafted paper that alights in their otherwise depressing pile of daily junk mail. It will build in their minds as your impeccably unhealthy design obsession shows them all ‘how it’s done.’ And when anticipation collides with the celebration itself, they’ll all have to admit that this was as flawless a wedding arc from start to finish as they have ever seen. And the best part is that every design is strictly and exclusively seasonal. So once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. ”

Photo credit: Bliss and Bone.

(Photo credit: Bliss and Bone)

This is why Bliss and Bone was born and do what they do.

Bliss and Bone developed this new company and concept last month when they launched their brand new website. The idea is that they are experts in design and help couples to cohesively “brand” their wedding event flawlessly from start to finish. Just like in the world of fashion, Bliss and Bone creates and launches fresh looks each season and retires them at season’s end. This allows couples to be creative and cutting edge, rather than cookie-cutter and cliche!

A wedding should be perfect, but planning it shouldn’t ruin your life. At Bliss and Bone, they believe that the entire process can be memorable and fun without the stress and anxiety. Their approach helps keep the decision-making to a minimum and the planning process more manageable, while offering top shelf, unique designs that look like you agonized over every detail.

Photo credit: Bliss and Bone.

(Photo credit: Bliss and Bone)

Bliss and Bone has meticulously created fashion-forward Wedding Collections that provide you with everything you need for the big day. No shopping around, inconvenient appointments or wasted time trying to get it all together on time and on budget. They have done it for you and put everything in one simple place.

So what makes Bliss and Bone so different?

Bliss and Bone Collections are seasonal, and only available for purchase for one year. Every summer a new season is released and the old season is retired, so your Collection is yours forever.

Bliss and Bone does extensive trend research in fashion, art, interiors, design and more to make sure that what they offer is relevant both today and on the big day.

Photo credit: Bliss and Bone.

(Photo credit: Bliss and Bone)

The designers at Bliss and Bone go beyond paper to incorporate materials such as acrylic, chiffon, tulle, wood veneer and more. They are always exploring and experimenting to bring couples the most unique and luxurious products around.

Every modern couple needs certain things: save the dates, invitations, thank you notes, a website, and things to guide style and inspiration. That’s why Bliss and Bone’s Foundation offers everything you need and nothing you don’t – but if you want to go further, their matching Essentials and Frills are ready to help you get there!

The designers provide a Style Guide and Inspiration Board with every Collection–incredibly useful tools for communicating with vendors and carrying your vision across every detail for your wedding.

With Bliss and Bone’s comprehensive offerings, everything is seamless and easy to manage. Your personal Account page keeps things simple–submit information, populate your Website, build your Collection and more. And their personalized, automated Timeline keeps you on top of every detail, from the day you sign up to the day you get married.

Many brides get pretty annoyed shopping online, and Bliss and Bone has tried to make things different. Immerse yourself in Collections without the clutter, view lookbook and product images full screen with ease, and shop only when you are good and ready. When you do start shopping, they make it easy: select your color one time, browse Essentials and Frills at one time, add multiple items to your cart at one time…you get the idea.

As a wedding junkie, I am absolutely loving this company’s concept! I adore the freshness of the seasonal designs and the ease with which couples can select and shop. This upscale and fashion-savvy approach is exactly what the wedding industry has been lacking, so be sure to check out Bliss and Bone.

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