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Recap: Kari Kant Debut Art Show Benefittin​g Tracy’s Kids


BGR Group’s event area (Photo Credit: Vivian Leslie)

Thursday, June 6, marked DC-area artist Kari Kant‘s debut art show, entitled “Abstraction: Acrylics on Canvas,” hosted by government affairs powerhouse BGR Group. A portion of the evening’s proceeds benefited Tracy’s Kids, a nonprofit organization providing art and play therapy for children battling cancer.

The exhibit also debuted the work of future artist Sabra Rogers who, at age 11, has studied under Kari’s tutelage. In painting, both artists focus on a combination of colors and textures, often blending acrylics with molding paste to achieve the desired effect.


Kari Kant’s piece “Large Abstract American Flag” (Photo Credit: Vivian Leslie)

The approximately 200 attendees included a mix of young professionals and seasoned politicians, including former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, former Congressman and OMB Director Jim Nussle, and Fairhope, Alabama Mayor Tim Kant…who just so happens to be the artist’s father.

Enjoying cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at the private event, guests perused dozens of abstract paintings, several of which were sold on the spot. The event also afforded the opportunity to learn more about Tracy’s Kids, which began at Georgetown University’s Lombardi Cancer Center in 1991; since then, it has established a presence in five hospitals, including Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio.

DSC07420 (1110x1280)

Bradley Hayes, Joey Harrington, and Haley Barbour (Photo Credit: Vivian Leslie)

DSC07454 (1280x913)

Tracy Councill of Tracy’s Kids (Photo Credit: Vivian Leslie)

DSC07449 (1280x960)

Rebecca D’Angelo – Columnist “The Scene” Washington Post (Photo Credit: Vivian Leslie)

DSC07446 (1280x960)

Liz Parker – dconheels.com (Photo Credit: Vivian Leslie)


Ed Rogers, Mayor Tim Kant, Governor Haley Barbour, and Lanny Griffith posing for pictures with the Artist, Kari Kant (Photo Credit: Vivian Leslie)



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