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Kayla Klepac was born in Austin and continues to call it home. She earned her degree in Journalism at the University of Texas. Her love of writing began with poetry, which she continues to write and share with friends. She’s a hobby collector who has tried her hand at boxing, painting, playing bass guitar, and jewelry making. She loves going to concerts and watching sad, artsy movies.
Kayla likes to offset the effects of her chronic sweet tooth with frequent dance classes. She’s inspired by fashion photography. Her favorite way to spend an afternoon is by reading stacks of magazines or hunting for one-of-a-kind vintage at thrift stores.

Recap: Gold Show/Rose Show At The Off Center In Austin

The Gold Show/Rose Show was an evening of film, music and modern dance. Acclaimed choreographers Heloise Gold and Julie Nathanielsz teamed up to bring six creative pieces to audiences at the The Off Center in East Austin. The 2-for-1 show ran for the weekend of June 13-16, 2013. Nathanielsz and Gold’s free, expressive styles of dance blended well to create a cohesive show that explored rhythm, space, and individuality.

Gold Show/Rose Show

“The idea of putting a collection of our work together offers our audience a rare opportunity to view a series of pieces that have many overlaps, an opportunity to see, sense, perceive, and think about work in a rich context of juxtaposition,” Gold said. “We thought it would be much more fun to share the challenges of producing by doing it together.”

The Gold Show included “Quiet/Noisy Movie,” a two-part film that Gold made. “Quiet Movie” showed a succession of photos that melded into one another, showing color and textural similarities between nature and household items that we rarely take time to admire. “Noisy Movie” was an accurate title for the footage of Gold creating her own musical accompaniment by dancing on a hollow metal structure that sounded like thunder beneath her steps. Her next piece, a duet with dancer and artist Leigh Gaymon-Jones, was a reproduction of Gold’s “Dream Birds,” which debuted in Austin in 1982. Manipulating their mannerisms and voices, the performers transformed themselves into birds for the humorous dance. Gold has been a creative force in the dance world for a long time, from childhood training with the Bolshoi Ballet to happenings in the experimental wellspring that was 1970s New York, to numerous recent festivals across the country. She’s even got a heart of gold as the co-founding director of Art from the Streets, a project that helps homeless artists make income from their art and provides them with studio space. Gold has been nurturing Austin’s art scene for quite a while, and it was interesting to see how a piece can be re-purposed for a different time and environment. Her final duet of the night was with composer and percussionist Nick Hennies. Hennies played the metallophone as Gold glided across the stage and made her whole body shake to match the vibrations of the instrument.

Dove, Gold, and Nathanielsz performing "What is Common Redux" (Photo Credit: Will Dibrell)

Dove, Gold, and Nathanielsz performing “What is Common Redux” (Photo Credit: Will Dibrell)

After a balmy intermission on the picnic tables outside the Off Center, the audience took their seats for the Rose Show, featuring works by Nathanielsz. Her solo, “Yo Genesis,” oscillated between frenetic and peaceful moments. She had a serious facial expression and mindful execution of each step throughout. She dances with every inch of her body.  Nathanielsz has performed at Fusebox Festival and the Blanton Museum and teaches dance at the University of Texas and Austin Community College. Fellow dancer Elaine Dove and Gold joined her on stage for “What is Common Redux.” The performance explored the relationship between bodies in space and the differences between them. The trio would sometimes move in unison, shadow each other, or dance in completely separate styles. It’s a much different experience than watching the average half time dance troupe kicking up their legs in perfect time in matching outfits.

As leaders in dance community, Gold and Nathanielsz have brought Austin another opportunity to rethink movement and the body.

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