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Spandana Singh is the San Francisco Editor and Tech Editor for Miss A. Better known as Spandi, she is a junior at UC Berkeley with an avid passion for foreign affairs and journalism. Originally from India, she has so far lived in countries like Kenya, Italy, Ethiopia, the United States and Indonesia and looks forward to living in many more.

Spandi is pursuing a double major in International Development and Media and a minor in Global Poverty and Practice. She loves to play the piano, box, travel, explore new cultures (especially their cuisines), and spend time with her friends. By the time she is 30 she wants to have lived in every habitable continent in the world.

Art With A Purpose Exhibition To Benefit New York Coalition For Healthy School Food


A recent public policy poll showed that 6 percent of Americans identify themselves as vegetarians. Being vegetarian has several benefits. According to Brown University’s Health Services, people who follow a vegetarian lifestyle are placed at a lower risk for developing heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure and are less likely to fall prey to diseases and the side effects of antibiotics and other substances present in animals.

Those who adopt vegetarian ideals and practices are also capable of reducing deforestation, conserving energy and resources and significantly reducing their carbon footprint. Recognizing these benefits, nations all around the world have undertaken initiatives to increase their vegetarian populations, targeting both children and adults.

A few weeks ago, this initiative took a positive turn in the United States when New York public school and Active Learning Elementary School PS244 made the decision to serve exclusively vegetarian lunches (with menus formed largely around plant-based foods) garnering its reputation as the first public school in the history of the United States to do so. The Queens-based elementary school consisting of students from kindergarten to third grade has since received support from other schools who are interested in taking gradual steps towards becoming fully vegetarian.

Since 2009, PS244, the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food and the New York City Office of School Food have collaborated and aided one another in order to introduce healthier food into schools. This three-point alliance hopes to support the ideals of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution as well as First Lady Michelle Obama‘s Let’s Move initiative. It is their hope that by bringing healthier foods into American schools, they will be able to support sustainability, reduce global warming, help students further succeed in school and encourage them to build healthier futures.

On Thursday June 27, The New York Coalition for Healthy School Food is hosting Art with a Purpose, an art exhibition of works of art by renowned artists such as Peter Max, Lauren Roth, Glen E. Friedman, Nava Atlas, Sue Coe and Tatfoo Tan. The exhibition will be curated by Sheryl Renee Dobson and will include vegan food generously provided by Candle 79 and Candle Café West and wine donated by Pure Food and Wine and Verity Wine Partners. The show will be accompanied by the delightful jazz sounds of Miles of Music. All proceeds of the event will go to  supporting the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food and their endeavors as they work to turn vegetarianism into more than just a fashionable trend.

WHEN: Thursday, June 27, 2013 from 6-9 p.m.

Rush Arts Gallery
526 W. 26th Street, Suite 311
New York, NY, 10001
Ph. 212-691-9552

TICKETS: $150 each
Please click here to purchase tickets

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