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Recap: 9th Annual Stars For Second Harvest In Nashville

Being one of country music’s finest songwriters, it is no surprise Craig Wiseman has friends; so I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the company he holds has hearts just as big as his.

Jared Couch, Craig Wiseman and Kelly Fay

Jared Couch, Craig Wiseman and Kelly Fay (Photo Credit: Kelly Fay)

This has proven true by the talent that took the stage to join him in the annual Stars for Second Harvest benefit concert. Craig and his good buds rocked the stage in the ninth annual benefit concert held at the Ryman to support Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee.

The event kicked off with Music City’s top notch writer’s round followed by a surprise guest, Ronnie Dunn, who graced the audience with his “voice of an angel” as Craig so fondly put it. The fun didn’t let up as comedian Ralphie May had the Ryman theater in near tears from chuckling so hard. The evening closer featured a performance from duo Florida Georgia Line with a special surprise guest star that happily brought the crowd to their feet- Nelly joined the crew on stage.

The proceeds from the event served to benefit Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is “to feed hungry people and work to solve hunger issues in our community.” Craig explained how it was easy to get behind this cause as he expressed his appreciation for the president and CEO of Second Harvest. “You have Jaynee Day who runs it and she is not some lady in a $5 thousand suit, she is down there packing boxes and you quickly figure out that these are motivated people that are really into this- it’s easy to back.”

Florida Georgia Line and Nelly

Florida Georgia Line and Nelly (Photo Credit: Kelly Fay)

In his ninth year hosting the event, Craig Wiseman’s enthusiasm for the cause only seems to multiply with each go-around. The ninth annual Stars for Second Harvest filled the Ryman with country music fans. Each year Craig aims to provide country supporters with a noteworthy cast and this year was no different.

He explains the neat transformation that he has seen over the past year with his pals Florida Georgia Line. “Last year I had to explain to people who they were and now they are closing the show.” The show was a huge success as the stars sure did light up the Ryman while helping to brighten the lives of the hungry.

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