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Interview With Radiate Athletics Founders Kenny Crockett And Jared Casey

Kenny Crockett and Jared Carey.jpg

Founders Kenny Crockett and Jared Carey (Photo Credit: Radiate Athletics)

Show your true colors at the gym this summer with thermal-sensitive workout clothes from Radiate Athletics. Their moisture-wicking, compression gear change colors—yes, colors—to reveal whether or not you’re working out hard enough! Fresh from a successful Kickstarter campaign, founders Kenny Crockett and Jared Casey are eager to introduce the world’s first interactive athletic shirts to help pump up the performance of fitness enthusiasts at any level.  Even better, the Eco-conscious company uses sustainable materials and green-friendly dyes—all of which are manufactured on US soil. Plus, on the heels of their official launch, the brand will be working to raise awareness for childhood obesity. This early drive to give back is just one thing to love about the entrepreneurs behind Radiate. Another is their motivational (and ever so merit-based) motto, “earn your colors.”  Here at Miss A, we think Kenny and Jared are well on their way to doing just that!


The Spacesuit X (Photo Credit: Radiate Athletics)

Q:  Kickstarter has fueled many a-promising project and now Radiate is part of that phenomenon.  How has the journey been?

A:  Amazing! We literally received our first backer within 45 seconds and achieved our $30k goal within 30 hours. We ended the campaign with nearly 2,000 percent of our goal, at $579,599.

Q:  Those figures are extremely impressive! Would you ever have expected this?

A: We expected to do well, but even we were astonished by the huge success of our campaign. Another surprise was the incredible amount of both domestic and international press coverage we’ve gained: an interview with ABC News in New York, making the front page of Yahoo and even articles in Japan. We’ve had such a truly global response to our revolutionary sports apparel!

Q:  How exactly did you come up with the idea?

A:  I came up with the Radiate shirt because of a little friendly competition with my younger sibling. We were competing in a body building contest and during weight training I wanted a way to measure my exertion. I searched around, came up empty and decided to try and develop my own thing.


Women’s Racerback Tank (Photo Credit: Radiate Athletics)

Q:  So tell us, how does your apparel really work and benefit a workout?  What’s the science behind it?

A:  The Radiate shirt uses thermo chromic technology that was invented by NASA in the ’60s. I re-engineered it to change color once the temperature at which athletes reach their optimal levels of performance was reached.  This is indicative of when the wearer is burning the most calories. We’re the first to incorporate thermo chromic technology into workout gear—you can literally visualize the veins in your arms as you begin to heat up from exertion. After a complete workout, your shirt will be a completely different color in the areas you worked hardest.

Q:  We’re sure you MUST be getting some looks at the gym?

A:  The shirt will definitely turn heads. In fact, my workouts were frequently interrupted during testing phase. People at the gym would get curious and ask questions, ‘why is your shirt changing colors?’ This was followed quickly by, ‘where can I get one?’

Q:  And when can we expect to get our hands on these?

A:  The first shirts will ship this July and we will have a full inventory by the end of the summer. We are also working with both domestic and international distributors and retailers to have them available in storefronts this holiday season 2013.


Women’s Fitted Workout Shirt (Photo Credit: Radiate Athletics)

Q:  Are there other exciting things on the horizon for Radiate?

A:  I was just informed last night that we are one of 25 companies that the Wall Street Journal plans to feature on WSJ Startup of the Year to vie for the title of top start-up.  This will be filmed as a documentary series, launching June 24. Additionally, we have been in contact with the NFL, NBA and MLB and we are also working with the international musical sensation Flo Rida.  Also, our extremely popular Spacesuit X has been very well received and we hope to add more game-changing apparel items, such as leg wear, this fall.

Q:  Last but not least, tell us about how Radiate plans to give back?

A:  This summer, we will be fulfilling orders from our Kickstarter campaign, which will allow us to start a new project where we will donate a significant portion of the proceeds to charitable organizations. Some of these charities include: childhood obesity, breast cancer, paralyzed military vets, and more. We believe it’s our duty to not only help create a healthier and more physically active world but to also stress the importance of philanthropic efforts.

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