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Maureen Donohue was born and raised in the United States, yet she shares her heart between two countries- the United States and Canada. Having duel-citizenship Maureen spends a majority of her life traveling to Ottawa. Maureen is a certified teacher for General and Special Education grades birth through sixth. Living in New York City, she enjoys all of the spontaneous adventures available to her.

The Lost Wax Studio In New York

The Lost Wax Studio is a unique jewelry store located on 171 Elizabeth Street in Manhattan. The Lost Wax Studio has been open for 18 months and features various designers work such as Tam Tran, Christine McKee, and Yuval Alexander. On Thursday, May 9, 2013 the studio welcomed guests to view a new jewelry collection called the LOST WAX & AROC URTU in collaboration with fine jeweler, Lauren Bergman.

Lauren Bergman and Tam Tran. (Photo Credit: Maureen Donohue.)

Lauren Bergman and Tam Tran. (Photo Credit: Maureen Donohue)

Artists Tam Tran and Lauren Bergman collaborated together to create jewelry for the handmade Lost Wax & Aroc Urtu Collection. This collection features jewelry of love and commitment. Tam and Lauren sought to create a collection look that was beautiful and exotic yet that could be used for everyday wear. Some jewels within this collection feature sliced diamonds, rose diamonds, and moon stones. Tam and Lauren use distinctive features for their jewelry such as braiding and using hand dyed silk with a toxic-free dye. The love and commitment focused collection features male jewelry as well. The rings made for men are masculine, dark, edgy, and exemplify creative choices. Various rings for males are made of silver binding, black rhodium, and sterling silver. Attendees of Thursday’s event were able to create their own stylish and unique rings from wire and beads through the help of a step-by-step instruction.

Select items from the new collection. (Photo Credit: Maureen Donohue.)

Select items from the new collection. (Photo Credit: Maureen Donohue)

On a frequent basis the Lost Wax Studio offers diverse workshops to the public.Workshops include leather and bead double wrap bracelets, pearl and bead stringing and knotting, introduction to metalworking and making stacking rings, and working with metal wire to create wire nest rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. However, workshops are not strictly jewelry based. For instance, a make your own moccasin workshop has been held at the studio.As well as holding workshops at The Lost Wax Studio, Tam Tran, designer and metal smith is also an educator at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Tam enjoys holding workshops at the museum because it helps viewers change the way they see works of art at the MET. This past November, Tam conducted a metalworking workshop focused around the Hundred-Year Anniversary of Arms and Armor. Tran will be holding her next workshop called “Linking the Past: Wirework Inspired by Ancient Jewelry” at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on June 8, 2013. To learn more about this workshop click here, or to access the Lost Wax Studio’s blog site to view videos and work examples from the workshops click here.

Tam Tran and Lucas Michael. (Photo Credit: Maureen Donohue.)

Tam Tran and Lucas Michael. (Photo Credit: Maureen Donohue)

Also, Tam Tran is a supporter of Visual AIDS, a contemporary arts organization dedicated to help fight AIDS and prevent HIV. Visual AIDS fights this powerful life-long illness through provoking dialogue, supporting HIV+ artists, producing and presenting visual arts projects, and honoring the work of artists with HIV/AIDS and their contributions to the AIDS movements. To honor the organization’s twenty-fifth year of fighting strong, Tam created and donated 300 bracelets for the event for various artists who were a part of Visual AIDS. Visual AIDS board member, Lucas Michael, was present on Thursday’s event. Lucas explained the story behind each bracelet, how each bracelet came wrapped in a postcard, and how inside each postcard was a script that explained the design behind the bracelet. Each bracelet had red ribbon and a plus symbol displayed on a medallion. The red ribbon symbolized AIDS, but also Visual AIDS – the organization that invented the infamous red ribbon which gave a face to AIDS. The plus symbol symbolized positivity and positive energy.  Whether you are a male or female looking to purchase jewelry visit the Lost Wax Studio. It is guaranteed that you will find items that speak to your unique style and personality. I highly recommend attending a workshop to learn how to create your own jewelry. Upon completion of creating a wire ring I felt very accomplished and the compliments never ended! Let your style be true to you.

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