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SFW – Salon For Women In Mission Valley, San Diego

As a woman with an extremely busy schedule, I find it harder and harder to squeeze in some alone time these days. No matter how hard I try there is always something or someone that requires my attention; by the end of the week I find myself longing for my brain to shut down for even just an hour, if nothing more, and abandon myself to a world of nothing but pretty, girly things like beautiful shoes, colorful nails, a decadent chocolate mousse cake and, if feeling really, really naughty, perhaps even reading one of those gossip magazines where you learn about absolutely everything. Ah, the joy of being a woman!  Wouldn’t trade it for the world!


Photo credit: SFW

So when I came across this new local business I had to share. Ladies, pay attention: somewhere in Mission Valley a new, small hair salon has just opened and it caters exclusively to women by women. No men allowed. This is a men-free environment where we can go and decompress. No kids, no husbands. Just us and our pretty hair. The founders of SFW-Salon For Women,  Lauren Dengel and Jackie Blum, created this space as a sanctuary for women where a complementary glass of wine and a scalp massage are included with every service.

The concept also targets local women who cannot or do not want to expose themselves to men during the hair styling experience due to religion or personal beliefs.

(Photo Credit: SFW)

(Photo Credit: SFW)

Their service fees are reasonable and you can find those on their website, but what makes SFW even more interesting is their approach to capturing the loyalty of their clients with little touches such as Good Morning Mimosas, where guests receive a complementary mimosa on the weekends, and Girls Nights, where girlfriends can book their appointments together and have their hair done at the same time, sitting next to each other, while catching up over a glass of wine. Priceless! And for those young women out there still in school, remember to bring your student ID or proof of enrollment with you and receive a 30 percent discount on your services.

And you really should meet Lauren and Jackie! They are both young and bubbly and will go out of their way to make your experience memorable. They are both Paul Mitchell trained stylists who met while working as managers at the Paul Mitchell the School. And together now they embarked on a new adventure to make women look and feel beautiful. They are color/blonding specialists – that is where their creative passion lives; they also do extensions, haircuts and up-styles for events.

(Photo Credit: SFW)

SFW Founders: Lauren Dengel and Jackie Blum
(Photo Credit: SFW)

So if you are looking to revamp your style while decompressing from a long week come walk into SFW where you will be submerged in a small, welcoming world of modern elegance and comfort! And yes, the wine helps too.

SFW-Salon For Women
404 Camino Del Rio South
Suite 100 Studio 5
San Diego, CA 92108
Ph. 402-320-6462
Ph. 619-792-7760

Monday – Saturday: 10:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Sundays: noon – 5:30 p.m.

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