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Interview With Young Fashion Designer Jessica Faith Marshall Of Faith By Jessica

Cool, calm and collected are all words one could use to describe Jessica Faith Marshall, a 13-year-old fashion designer out of Austin, Texas. The young lady remained poised and elegant after her runway show at Benold’s Jewelers as a featured designer for Austin Fashion Week.

(Photo Credit: Meera Rajagopalan)

(Photo Credit: Meera Rajagopalan)

During just one of her shows, Jessica showcased her Faith by Jessica line, one that she branded  earlier this year. Jessica established the brand “with the desire to bring glamor and elegance to a women’s wardrobe.” And that is exactly what it does.

As the models strolled down the runway, they looked stunning. Decked out in jewelry from the store, each look looked effortless and elegantly chic. With each model that walked the catwalk, the elegance built. The looks fit the young, fresh demographic they are aimed for.

Talking with Jessica, you wouldn’t think this young lady was just in her teens. She knows who she is as a designer, and she has a clear idea of where she wants to be and how she plans to get there.

Q: Who are some of you style inspirations?

A: For this collection, one person that truly does inspire me is the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine. Every time I see her she’s wearing something absolutely glamorous, and I could see her as my customer in the future, wearing gowns or a fancy suit. Also, Audrey Hepburn was more of an older Hollywood star. She mostly inspired my Capsule collection for Austin Fashion Week last year. But the idea that where ever she goes, she can slip on something like a black dress and wear it day to night. She had that effortless glamor that really inspires me.

(Photo Credit: Meera Rajagopalan)

(Photo Credit: Meera Rajagopalan)

Q: Who are some designers that inspire you?

A: Valentino has always inspired me because his ascetic has always remained true to the true glamorous women. Right now they have different designers, but when he was the designer it was always true to that effortless glamor and the gowns. But sometimes he would do separates, and that would really inspire me because my ascetic was a lot about bringing evening to day, and then translating day pieces to night.

Q: What is your current five-year plan?

A: Within the next five years, I am going to be graduating from high school, but I am going to focus on still maintaining my business and all these collections and full collections like this one, about 20 looks. Also, maintaining academics, because I want be able to go off to New York City to get a proper education in business and retailing and fashion, and then launch my business and base it out of New York City.

Q: What is it like participating in Austin Fashion Week?

(Photo Credit: Meera Rajagopalan)

(Photo Credit: Meera Rajagopalan)

A: It’s really the reason why I launched the brand. I’ve always had this designer in me, but ever since I did AFW last year and my five-look Capsule collection, that was inspired by ’40s and ’50s Hollywood glamor. Now it’s evolved more into a business.

Q: What advice do you have for young designers?

A: Stay true to your ascetic and stay true to your passion. No matter what, people will try to bring talented people down, and it’s good to stay to your potential. Always remain true to yourself.

Milton and Jessica (Photo Credit: Meera Rajagopalan)

Milton and Jessica (Photo Credit: Meera Rajagopalan)

This week is filled with Austin Fashion Week events. Please view the full schedule here.




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