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Jessica Peace-Urgelles is the Outreach Director for Miss A. She first and foremost, a mom to a very handsome and intelligent little boy and a frenchie named Escobar. She is addicted to social good and connecting people to charitable causes.

She grew up in the hills of southeastern Kentucky, and loves all things related to the Bluegrass State. They take pride in horses, basketball, and bourbon, but she likes porch swings and sweet tea too! She is torn between her love of cowboy boots and designer heels, and is always wearing at least one strand of pearls. Her heart is equally content enjoying a night out in the city or a weekend away getting dirty on the farm. She has a thick southern accent and is notorious for using it to her advantage. Her competing interests led her to write her blog, Blog of a Bluegrass Belle about growing up Southern, people dear to herheart, and herlove of various causes.

She is a member of the Bluegrass Junior Womans Club. BJWC is a non-profit whose focus is helping underprivileged women, children, and families in central Kentucky. Her work with BJWC led her to the United Nations Foundation Shot@Life campaign where she became a Champion and passionate advocate. She believes every child deserves a shot at a healthy life through global vaccine access.

Shot@Life Birthday Bash: Celebrating Birthdays Through Global Vaccination


Photo Credit: Shot@Life

How do you celebrate your birthday? Did you realize every 20 seconds a child somewhere around the world loses a shot at celebrating their next birthday? It’s devastating that a child’s life is claimed every 20 seconds by a disease which could have been prevented through a simple vaccine. Polio, measles, rotavirus and pneumonia takes too many young lives in developing countries. The United Nations Foundation Shot@Life campaign was created to advocate and fund raise for global vaccine access. We easily forget in the U.S. that we have the luxury of doctors offices, pharmacies, and health departments to obtain life saving vaccines. We also have medicine and hospitals to treat those diseases, and they can still be deadly here. They are preparing to celebrate the 1 year birthday of the Shot@Life campaign and want you to join in on #birthdaybash fun.

Shot@Life will be using many social media outlets.  The birthday party fun can by followed and shared via the hashtags #birthdaybash and #getvax.  Please don’t forget to follow and tag the Shot@Life campaign when you share. What is your favorite birthday tradition?  Most people would say they get a birthday cake every year. What is your favorite flavor or recipe?  Shot@Life wants to hear from you. You can pin your favorite birthday cake recipe on Pinterest and tag Shot@Life as part of the birthday celebration. You can create awareness among your followers about the necessity of global vaccine access with a simple pin. They are also collecting stories from their most passionate advocates, the Shot@Life Champions. These pieces will be written by many wonderful bloggers from around the U.S. and shared via their Storify page. The campaign has also started their leg of the Global Mom Relay, and just by sharing the daily posts you can help give children a Shot@Life. Celebrities such as Shot@Life spokesmom Amanda Peet, Ann Curry, Sasha Alexander, Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA are just a few of the many individuals sharing their stories as part of the relay.

Photo Credit: Shot@Life

Photo Credit: Shot@Life

Did you realize that for $20 you could provide a lifetime of immunity against four key diseases? You can give a child a shot at a healthy life for the cost of a week’s worth of your favorite take-out coffee. Global vaccination is one of the most cost effective forms of humanitarian aid available. Why not break out your dusty coffee pot and brew your own for a week and donate the saved money to the Shot@Life campaign? The donations are tax deductible and would provide potentially life saving vaccine access to a child. Individuals are also encouraged to also email, tweet and call their members of Congress to let them know, as a constituent, you support global vaccine funding.

Who doesn’t love a good birthday party?  Why don’t you join a birthday celebration that will give millions of children their own shot at creating birthday traditions?  Happy Birthday to the United Nations Foundation Shot@Life campaign!  The staff at Ask Miss A hopes you can help children worldwide achieve and celebrate many more wonderful birthdays.

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