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Kathy Gorohoff is a woman, mom, runner, yogi and health conscious writer. She is a part-time marketing consultant and a Seattle native. Married with two young girls, ages 9 & 6, Kathy is passionate about her family, their health, traveling and the great outdoors. Kathy's finds writing to be a release and an outlet to learn more about the things she is passionate about. As a family writer she is always exploring ways to help herself and other moms be the best at what they do without losing their sanity or themselves.

Family Travel Tricks And Tips


(Photo Credit: Andrew Gorohoff)

Spring Break is over and there are only a few weeks until school is out! Now is the time to start thinking about the summer travel season.

My family and I have been doing a lot of camping and traveling the last few months since we got our new camper.  This past week was our spring break, so we spent the week exploring the Oregon Coast, which was lovely and on my return I found a great article with tons of great camping tips and tricks to making camping a little easier.

I thought I would share some tips and tricks that keep our family going strong and happy the whole time:

Don’t be in a hurry. First of all its vacation, if it is possible, try and take things slowly. Yes, it is important to make plans for the day but don’t try to do too much. Let everyone move at a reasonable pace so no one gets burnt out. Take your time having breakfast, talking about what is planned for the day and then transition into it slowly. Kids specifically need a lot of advance notice and if they get enough time to process what is coming up it will be more fun for everyone. Plus, don’t we need to hurry up and get it done like at home, when you are on vacation, you can slow it down a bit.

Pack the food & treats you love. Whether you are camping, RVing, staying in a cabin or a hotel, bring along some of your family’s favorite treats. Things that will make it feel like home to them. It is always great to try the local fare of wherever you might be visiting, but it is also nice to have a breakfast that you can count on and you know you will like and you know your kids will eat!

Bring enough clothes. If you plan to be playing out and about on the beach or in the forest it is always a good idea to have enough clothes for the trip, as laundry is usually not an option. We had a rule on our trip this last week, that we all had to have “Camper Only Clothes” these were pants and tops that we would only where inside the camper and not outside while we were playing. It ended up to be mainly our pj’s but that way when we got dirty, sandy, wet, etc. we knew we had at least one clean, dry, warm outfit to change into.

jump rope

(Photo Credit: Andrew Gorohoff)

Get out and move! For me, as I have mentioned before, I need to get some movement each day or else I get really crabby. My kids need it too or else they end up bouncing off the walls. Generally on our last trip we tried to plan activities that would get us outside and moving, whether it was a walk on the beach to collect treasures or surfing and boogie boarding in the ocean (with wetsuits, of course) or just walking through the trees and the parks. We make sure to plan some outside moving time, no matter what the weather looks like. Our first walk on the beach was pretty wet, but we also had the beach to ourselves and found some really cool shells. During our stay we stayed at a number of Oregon State Parks, these are great and inexpensive places to camp or some have small yurts you can rent.

Plan for down time.  This goes along with the first item (don’t be in a hurry).  It is vacation after all, and after you have been exploring your home away from home, most the time you and your little ones will be worn out. This is usually a good time for a nap, but if your kids don’t nap anymore (like mine), this was a time for relaxing, watching a show on the iPad, reading some books or coloring. Something that will help everyone recharge.

Have fun and enjoy every single moment! Last but not least, just have fun and enjoy every single moment of your trip. As we know (with the recent events of the past week), our lives are precious. This is the time to unwind, visit with your family, see some new sights and just enjoy where you are at that exact moment. As I think about it more, these are great tips to practice at home too!

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